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Question Unity OpenXR support for Android runtimes other than Oculus?

Discussion in 'EditorXR' started by nfynt-zap, Jun 13, 2022.

  1. nfynt-zap


    Jun 3, 2021
    The OpenXR documentation site states that the provider plugin should work with any external OpenXR runtime available on the system. While this seems to work on windows, I haven't had any luck with this on Android, where the method of runtime discovery is different (using ContentProvider) compared to standalone (JSON). I am trying to use Monado's android OpenXR runtime with installable broker on a regular device instead of Oculus.

    Please find the android logcat text below for reference. Note that I am able to test the runtime with Khronos hello_xr application, so it's likely some configuration issue from Unity (if not limitation). Would appreciate if you can confirm on following:
    1. Whether or not it's possible to link to an external OpenXR runtime on Android (other than Oculus)?
    2. If so, then what's the configuration is like for in-process and out-of-process runtime?