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Question Unity – Netcode Training – Asymmetrical Game Setup

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by jessedavis88, Aug 8, 2023.

  1. jessedavis88


    Mar 2, 2017
    I have two questions I’d like to ask about a game I’m developing in Unity. I’m creating an asymmetrical game in Unity, and I want to link the two players using Netcode.

    Question 1: Is anyone aware of any good training on Netcode concepts? I’m not looking for a Youtube tutorial that walks you through very specific setups. I want to understand how each piece works. I can read the documentation I suppose, but I would prefer to take a course on Netcode that explains the concepts better.

    Question 2: Should I keep each player in their own scene, or should I join the two scenes into one scene?

    --Here is some context: One of the players is the “hacker” or “man in the chair” that supports the other player, the “Operative”. The Hacker experiences the game from a desktop-like UI setup. The Operative navigates a level from 3D space.

    --To date, I’ve developed each player in their own scene, but now I’m thinking I should join the two into one scene. Which would be easier? If they are together in the same scene, I could just easily route them to their “section” of the scene from the start menu.

    --I think I know the answer, I think they need to be on the same scene but was curious what the community’s thoughts were.

    Thank you! Sorry for the long question(s).