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Feature Request Unity needs a unified tool to configure scenes with ease

Discussion in 'World Building' started by Rowlan, Oct 22, 2023.

  1. Rowlan


    Aug 4, 2016
    The current situation

    Unity on its own is very capable of creating really good looking scenes, especially for world building. However what it lacks is something that unifies the features. Everything is spread all over the place (preferences, volumes, samples, uncommunicated feature classes, etc). The volumes are a start, but still they are not helpful especially for beginners.

    Attempting a solution

    I've tried to create a better starting point for beginners and created presets for MicroVerse, however I think such a feature would be better if it came from Unity directly.

    It could be just a setup panel, maybe with categories in which a user clicks on predefined settings to have certain features set up automatically.

    Here's an example, the features I'm referring to are coming from the Global tab:


    About the examples in the video, there's more to come:

    * Water: it's definitely possible to activate all that's required to have water visible without having to go to a number of spread settings and activate the feature before you can first see the water

    * Sky Clouds: whether one prefers the cloud layers or cloud volumes or a mix of them is everyone's choice. Try setting that up on your own without reading the documentation first ...

    * Shadows: for terrains the shadow distance default of 500 is not enough. What makes the trees look better at around 00:10 is the increase of the shadow distance ... I understand there are other applications that don't require long cascaded shadow distance, but even for these there could be a 1-click-solution for beginners (indoor shadow, outdoor shadow, ...)

    * Directional Light: the light anchor is a very welcome start to not have to mess around with X and Y of the rotation, can be improved, but only few know that it even exists in Unity. You have to add the component manually to the directional light ... all it does is control the rotation of it. That being said, it's definitely possible to have it work in built-in render pipeline where it's not available

    * Lens Flare: not featured in the video, but why does one have to install the hdrp examples to have a lens flare active. Why can't I just click a button to have one there. Worst of it is that the class for the Lens Flare is limited with the usual internal code protection, so you can't subclass from it and automate it

    * Fog: I'd like to select "fog disabled", "light fog", "medium fog", "dense fog", "horizon fog", etc as a beginner or even just for prototyping. Not have to mess around with the components to get something started. Or having to read up how to disable the hard line towards the horizon between water and sky with fog

    There's more to this and I guess there are features that are good and most don't know because they aren't communicated by Unity. And I do understand it'll be tricky regarding performance and also with the various render pipelines to get this right, but currently there's nothing at all of the kind from Unity.

    But it's definitely doable by a single artist at Unity :)
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