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Discussion in 'Unity Mediation (Beta)' started by tailorjay, Oct 13, 2021.

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  1. tailorjay


    Unity Technologies

    Sep 8, 2016
    Welcome to the Unity Mediation forum. You can use this forum to ask for help, share feedback, and have discussions about the Unity Mediation package.

    About Unity Mediation (Beta)
    Unity Mediation allows publishers to monetize their apps by enabling access to quality, expansive advertising demand that competes for the best impressions. This leads to higher eCPMs, better fill rates, and maximizes app real estate for publishers as demand sources compete for the opportunity to serve their ads.

    Unity Mediation aims to save publishers time in managing ads, aligning pricing strategies with audience segments, optimizing ad revenue, growing revenue quickly, analyzing strategy performance, and have direct access to demand sources and ad networks all from one SDK.

    The Unity Mediation SDK lets publishers set up monetization strategies for their ad inventory using waterfall management tools in the Monetize Dashboard. The mediation strategies that can be implemented through the Unity Mediation platform are traditional waterfalls or bidding using specific ad networks.


    For more information, please see the:

    • The minimum version of the Unity Editor required to use Unity Mediation (Beta) is 2019 LTS and higher for apps made with Unity.

    • See specific integration requirements for Unity, Android, and iOS apps.

    • Uninstall the following before installing the Unity Mediation package:
      • Any existing third-party Mediation SDKs in your project

      • The Unity Ads SDK

    Getting started
    Follow the steps outlined in the Unity Mediation Setup checklist to get started with installing and configuring the Unity Mediation package to use the Unity Mediation platform on the Dashboard and in your game.

    To install the Unity Mediation (Beta) package:
    1. Download the tarball for the Unity Mediation (Beta) package.

    2. Open your project in the UnityEditor and go to Window > Package Manager.

    3. In the Package Manager, click +, then Add package from tarball.

    4. Select the Unity Mediation package from your computer and click Open to install it.

    Current state
    Unity Mediation is currently in Beta release, and as such is an Experimental Service as defined under the Operate Terms of Service, and that by using Unity Mediation you agree that you have read and agree to the Operate Terms of Service.

    Unity Mediation (Beta) currently offers:
    • Support for traditional waterfalls (including Unity’s Unified Auction, AdMob, AdColony, AppLovin, IronSource, Vungle)

    • Support for bidding (for AdColony (Beta), more to come)

    • A/B Testing for Mediation strategies

    • A single SDK to manage all third-party ad network adapters

    • Support for apps made with Unity, Android, or iOS

    • Project-level reporting

    What's next
    Unity Mediation will be adding more exciting features and more bidding partners in the future releases. Watch this space for exciting times ahead.

    In terms of feedback, we're especially looking for:
    • Can you think of any use cases that are not covered yet?

    • Are there any workflows that are unclear or missing?

    • Are you looking for specific features or reporting capabilities in Unity Mediation?

    • Any other improvements in the Unity Mediation plugin to make it easier?

    • Is there anything that is unclear or that you don’t understand?

    • Are there any issues with the documentation?
    Please share your feedback in this forum.

    How to report bugs or submit Support tickets
    If you’re having trouble with setting up, integrating, or using Unity Mediation, or want to report bugs or other issues while using this product, submit a support ticket or email the Unity Ads Support team. See this article for more information on how to do so.
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  2. tailorjay


    Unity Technologies

    Sep 8, 2016
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