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unity initialization error 2019.2

Discussion in 'Package Manager' started by fabiomodesto, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. fabiomodesto


    Oct 26, 2015
    When having unit initialization through the hub, gives a package server error message and doing the diagnostics, it prompts you to upload the file to the forum.
    Whatever it may be, by Monday everything was working fine.

    [2019-10-18T02:36:53.953Z][INFO] Opened report file 'C:\ProgramData\Unity\UnityPackageManagerDiagnostics\diagnostic_report_17_10_2019_233648,22.txt'
    [2019-10-18T02:36:53.955Z][INFO] Starting diagnostics
    [2019-10-18T02:36:53.957Z][INFO][UpmRegistryReachable] Sending HEAD request to
    [2019-10-18T02:36:54.618Z][INFO][PingUpmRegistry] Starting ping test on ''
    [2019-10-18T02:37:00.373Z][INFO][PingUpmDownload] Starting ping test on ''
    [2019-10-18T02:37:06.185Z][INFO][UpmRegistryDownloadSpeed] Starting speed test with UPM registry
    [2019-10-18T02:37:16.726Z][INFO][UpmRegistryDownloadSpeed] Download: 32.19 Megabits per second
    [2019-10-18T02:37:16.728Z][INFO][Speedtest.Net] Starting speed test with
    [2019-10-18T02:37:28.687Z][INFO][Speedtest.Net] Download: 33.48 Megabits per second
    [2019-10-18T02:37:28.687Z][INFO][Speedtest.Net] Upload: 43.04 Megabits per second
    [2019-10-18T02:37:28.690Z][INFO] Finished diagnostics
    [2019-10-18T02:37:28.697Z][INFO] Created report at 'C:\ProgramData\Unity\UnityPackageManagerDiagnostics\diagnostic_report_17_10_2019_233648,22.txt'