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Help Wanted Unity Importing Animation wrong.

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Snakeub123, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Snakeub123


    Apr 7, 2021
    So when I export an animation from Maya into unity the animation (set to humanoid) plays wrong. It's like unity is guessing what it's meant to do.
    When I export the animation with a mesh it works.
    When I do everything I would do unity in unreal it works.
    Any idea when it's just the animation being exported it doesn't work?

    I'm using the basic control RIG in Maya, I've tested with the control rig and without problem still happens. I've also tested just animating the bones (upper leg and arm), still the animation is played wrong in unity. They move but they don't move as far as they should and bones that aren't animated also move.

    Please help!