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Official [Unity Icon Collective] Buried Memories: Yggdrasil & Serekh

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by AndrewAssetStore, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Deleted User

    Deleted User


    Hey @luyang1123
    You will need to delete the package on your drive and then redownload the package from the Asset Store. When you receive a "couldn't decompress package" error, it is usually due to a download problem.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Kind Regards,
  2. luyang1123


    Mar 22, 2019
    Yes, tried many times delete file and download again , same... maybe because I'm in China? fire wall ??? tried proxy the same .... can I get the file via email ? google drive ?
  3. AndrewAssetStore


    Unity Technologies

    May 2, 2017
    Unfortunately we can't deliver it in another method. Let me ask our team members in china if they have any suggestions.
  4. pccross


    Jun 20, 2015
    Noticed asset description indicates this doesn't work in 2019.1, but will at some point in near future. Any estimate on when that support will be added? Holding off on buying until can verify that timeline.
  5. AndrewAssetStore


    Unity Technologies

    May 2, 2017
    No estimate at this point, sorry!
  6. NvrDn


    Jan 5, 2018
    It does work just fine on 2019.1.7f. Only HDRP bug when compiled is still present, since 2018.
  7. lloydhuang


    Feb 2, 2019
    hey ,i want to use the Serekh in the AR APP, but i dont need the environment, because thats to big and too expensive, it is possible to separate them and drop the price?
  8. AndrewAssetStore


    Unity Technologies

    May 2, 2017
    Hi, no plans for that at the moment.
  9. lloydhuang


    Feb 2, 2019
    hello, when i import Buried Memories Volume 2 Serekh to unity 2018.3.4,windows 10, error reports:
    Failed to import package with error: Couldn't decompress package
    UnityEngine.GUIUtility:processEvent(Int32, IntPtr)"

    i m in China also.

    i tried to copy the package to other drives / re-download again. all gave this error. how to solve this?(the package is about 5.5G )

    ohh...i understand something now...after trying 3 times to download this asset, spent me 7 hours, i know this:
    my C drive has 25G free space, when download this asset, the tmp file will be 8G, but very strange, the free space is only 8G left! (it should be 17G free space left, but actually only 8G left, i dont know where the space gone).and then , when unity start to decrypt the file from .tmp to .unitypackage, it dosent have enough space, C drive free space left 0MB. but still, it will generate a .unitypackage file (about 4.5G ). but this file is an "unfinished unitypackage" file, hence it is not able to decompress. and, when i delete this tmp file (8G)and the unfinished unitypackage(4.5G), which totally 12.5G, the C drive free space return to 25G. very strange. why is the free space being double used?

    and one more strange thing is, when my C drive has 15G free space, after download this asset, unity generated a 5.5G unfinished unitypackage. but when I clear my C drive and got 25G free space, and download again, unity generated a 4.5G unfinished unitypackage. which means, less free space generated bigger unfinished file, more space generated smaller unfinished file. very strange, hum?. please know that, during these period, i didnt do anything else.

    hence, i got a result for now: in order to download this asset, I might need about 40-50G free space on C drive. but I have clean up everything I can on C drive, there is no more free space. So I dont know how to solve this at all.

    add 07-11-----
    finally i make it work now....
    the reason why it cant decompress is lack of free space, and unity generated a unfinished .unitypackage file. Hence I specified another path for the unity download:
    1. "move" the folder C:\Users\WYSE\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x to a large free space drive, such as F:\Asset Store-5.x CMD and paste this command:
    mklink /j "C:\Users\WYSE\AppData\Roaming\Unity\Asset Store-5.x" "F:\Asset Store-5.x"

    * this command will generate a hyperlink to the the download folder, unity will download to F:\Asset Store-5.x
    * replace the WYSE to your own user name.

    my email:
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
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  10. RakNet


    Oct 9, 2013

    If I was making a low-quality mobile game, it wouldn't run
    If I was making a mid-tier game, I wouldn't want one asset in a different style and way better than all my other assets. It just makes the other assets look poor in comparison. And there is not enough there to make a full game in itself.
    If I was making a high-end game, I wouldn't want an asset used in 1000 other games.
  11. rohitmohan_unity


    Jun 2, 2018
    Just bought the pack and disappointed that I have the same problem after build (on editor everything works fine) where there is weird rendering. Disabling the volume script under Lighting/RenderSettings seems to render everything properly in build except for the background which becomes blue.....
  12. shredingskin


    Nov 7, 2012
    Any ETA on volume 3 ? Thorp art is amazing, really looking forward to it.
  13. CommunityUS


    Sep 2, 2011
    Long time Unity user. (I remember the sewer demo and Unity 2) I have some mixed feelings about how this all went down and wanted to voice them here. Note all of below is about execution of the Iconic vision as I have perceived it and serves as a call to action for those managing the campaign. It is meant with good intentions. That should be clear ;-)

    I too am curious what is going on.

    Lets back up to when this all showed up. It was around Christmas, I'm and indie dev who has been around a I know to save and buy in bulk when the sales hit. The Icon idea really seemed to resonate well on the heels of the success of the Adam series and Unity being used in more than just games i.e. Film and Automotive and just plane old app building. (I admit I haven't heard about Vol. 3 from Thorp) This Ionic thing, if not dropped like a hot potato seemed like it could of been your flagship or a flagship vessel in your sea of conquest. :) However what we got was something dropped on the asset store, given a token update and then nada till all of a sudden we hear about vol. 2 which also was a misfire. (explained below)

    First the positive:

    The one thing I do applaud out of everything is that you have remained committed to the HDRP pipeline. Despite a lot of flack while it was in preview. Thank you, I come from several years doing video production before game dev. became my preferred way of story telling. So HDRP in realtime to me is as important as the nonlinear editing revolution was in what the late 90s lol. Showing my age here. So great job on that.

    Hopefully below you will take as real feedback and not just have an intern read it and reply and no one hears it. *(show marketing and sales this stuff) Because I think my points are solid and it looks like you are missing the understanding of what we see as end users. [<- *quoted below for impact and sincerity]

    I agree here - based on how everything turned out. Esp. "If I was making a high-end game, I wouldn't want an asset used in 1000 other games."[FONT=Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif]
    [/FONT] long this asset has been bundled with Unity Pro sub. really killed it IMHO. I explain below.

    Now the "room for improvement" see I'm being nice.

    If you had honored your commitment to 3 Iconic packages per year, with stories built in. I would have a strong counterpoint for RakNet but as this whole Iconic thing has fizzled into nothing I agree with RakNet.

    To me what you had here, was a way for indie devs to use your other tools like Ad sharing and Cloud Collab to begin writing their own mini series spin offs much like the Adam series did. We could show our VFX chops, post and share about it on our Unity blog spaces and it really seemed to be the glue. Nah, it was the sparkle and glitter on the glue. That not only allowed us to create our own spin off stories in a shared and legal way (no worrying about license and rights to the story/copyright you could buy that) The amazing thing to be was that together we could build onto a shared Universe. This seemed really clear as yes it was on the heels of Adam series but it also followed the contents for Universal Studios. It was very easy to image creating along with other devs a shared world - doing the tribal dev thing and a few studios putting out Iconic sub plots and it becomes a whole thing. Then you Unity as the leader cook up another great mini story with legs and you were supposed to do that 3x a year. Once we saw we could count on that we then could leverage all these things to make that happen. Truly begin the TV/Film/Social game revolution whatever that is going to be. We were ready right then.

    You then did the contest of who could remix Vol. 1, and artists could sell those on the store.

    Back when the Iconic idea was spot lit I think I saw this in the light it was intended. (above) I believe this was some of the thinking. Maybe some idea person high on coffee and donuts and off their meds somehow connected all the dots and got this pushed through management. But to me this Iconic thing could be visionary if implemented with a steady hand.

    To me what you had here - is the genius, the special sauce that keeps us coming back to Unity (for thought leadership)...not the play-it-safe-ville for enterprise some of us see things becoming now that automotive, AR and general purpose app building is a thing.

    So what on earth happened? Why am I upset and writing this.

    Why Pivot? Asset Store Orig. all the way to the bank what gives?
    First, why have we pivoted to Asset Store Originals and not done both? Vol. 2 was basically a first draft of Asset Store Originals. We even see the Snaps Prototype there. I get it your cross selling. But if that is the case then go back and make Vol. one snaps - there doesn't exist a snaps veg. pack that I know of. Add value here.

    Short point, please only add value never devalue the customer...see below.

    When stuff started hitting the fan for me on this Iconic idea:

    I bought in early Dec. 2018 we were promised 3x of these a year. Conservatively on your end that would mean 3x in 2019 and we should of seen our 4th one by now. I also was given limited ed. skins for the seeker. This was a perk of buying early - to me while Christmas money was tight this was esp. hard and it becomes hard to not get emotion mixed in at this point when things start breaking down...but to me all Christmas sales have some emotion baked in. I see it when I contact the vendors, it is to stay a warm feeling but I digress as this is not the point.

    This is the point:
    We are in the gaming world. My son buys an xbox because of the skin he gets is so rare like we own a get ready for it "shocker coming your way" - Fortnite xbox and he shows off his skin to his friends as one of the rarest skins in the game. I cover how this was devalued below.

    Those of us that bought in early, we were given the limited ed. skins for the seekers. Why on earth are you giving the skins away as part of the pack now? That steals our value from us. The fact that this happened is what legit makes me feel however is now managing this, as I doubt it is the same person who came up with it...or if it is the same person hopefully this can get you back in the headspace you were in when you had the idea. It is for this reason I said *above "(show marketing and sales this stuff) Because I think my points are solid and it looks like you are missing the understanding of what we see as end users."

    I would of been less upset if you did them as an upsell then at least I could retain some value. But not true value as should be ascribed to a "limited ed." skin. How is it limited ed. when it is now part of the pack...which brings me to my 3rd point everyone now gets this pack I bought into the idea on as a "true believer" as part of Unity Pro. Lets talk about that below please.

    The Unity Pro still how many years will this be the case come on. Point.
    How long, for the love of all that is good and right in the world are you going to keep this pack bundled with a Unity Pro sub? The first year, I kinda just went with it - I bought Unity Plus instead of Unity Pro as I weighed the cost and commitment and decided plus does what I need for now. With Unity Pro now everyone has it - and everyone now has my limited ed. skin. This isn't bait and switch, idk what it is but it sucks. At the very least wouldn't it make sense to offer Vol. 2 as the perk for signing up with Unity Pro sub? when Vol. 2 came out. See then you would of had me as an upsell. That makes sense to hook me into Unity Pro.

    Before I wrap up with a few finer detail points just on the pack itself and not on the execution of the Iconic concept. Lets talk about similar sales experience issues repeated in the Asset Store Orig. user experience.
    So picking up from "Why Pivot?"

    To the reader whose attention I still have please note:
    The reason posting about Asset Store Orig. (AO) here is it remains relevant as exactly the same mistakes are being made there...might as well just move Vol. 1 to AO as they have it. (I don't want that I want the story driven content from Iconic studios to stand tall above AO but it is what it is)

    All of these points from AO carry over and the first one mirrors the lack of attention paid to the customer on this first one:
    Again around Christmas you had a sale, many of us bought either Iconic Vol. 2 or AO … then right after that sale, you did another sale where you relisted the AO (this is days after we just bought it) it gets relisted for a ridiculous pay what you want price. So this reinforces there is a general lack of care about how the purchaser feels as was repeated in the ongoing Unity Pro sub. and bonus grab combo of Vol 1.

    These are all found here:
    Refering to pay what you want right after it was on sale.
    "I bought the Mega Bundle from the Asset Store and when I import the Construction Site, for example, I get a lot of errors. Even if the bundle is on offer, if it doesn't work, the small price doesn't make sense either." - REPORTER​
    - No 2019 support. I could install 2018.4, extract what I need and convert it but that's a lot of hassle.
    - Being a complete project rather than an import into an existing project adds furthr hassle. I shouldn't have to create a new project just to access the asset.

    That's enough of AO:
    I think the general thing we see, is assets from Unity Official should set the standard in assets not be at the bottom bar.

    I do get that you hire a studio to make it Iconic...but there should be updates from Unity team after the give you the final version. There should also be some polish as these hired studios are kinda dropping a snap shot of project to us mid way through design but it is also supposed to be AAA.

    Animations and skinned mesh weights should be touched up on the Vol. 2 character. Why is vol. 2 left so messy, its feels like the artist left on Friday and never came back to clean up the project.

    My last point is about the Film aspect again you are kinda riding the heels on with Vol. 1 and hopefully going forward with Vol. 3 (if the story is strong there like Vol. 1 was)
    ...and this relates to the other lack of coherent thought seen mirrored on AO releases.
    The point being -> we were given so little in Vol. 1 to even begin making a mini series animation wise, when the cinemachine/timeline example came out on the asset store it seemed a no brainer this was obviously a compliment to this type of Universe...but then you read the fine print and we can't even use the silly animation and tiny sequence of robot walking up the stairs. Really? Couldn't of greased some palms to let us use that bit. This type of stuff hopefully gets better going forward.

    Thank you for the thought leadership, now we need the steady hand and follow through to have it matter. Otherwise it is just more noise. And we get a lot of that.

    The big final point.
    What you have here, simply stated is a story. You are selling rights to a story. That is your hook. Make them good and we will buy them and put up with the crud, but stick to what you say and do stuff that values the customer don't steal our value add to it constantly in as many ways as you can. Try not to misfire, like when you released the film sample project, why have red tape there? Work towards buying rights to Adam and releasing those so we suddenly have great stuff to populate our shared universe with and share stories. That is the whole idea right?

  14. rishaandesai41


    Mar 5, 2021
    Speaking of the sewer demo, do you know where I could get that nowadays? (2021) It would be great if you could send me a link
  15. redmotion_games


    May 6, 2013
    This asset is still for sale for a huge price with no instructions on how to make it work.

    It takes two hours to import into a project.

    In Unity Hub version 3.0.0-beta 6 there are no "new project" options for the render pipelines for version 2018 LTS. So you have to create a standard Unity project to import into. Is there any way to upgrade a project to HDRP once it's created?
  16. CommunityUS


    Sep 2, 2011
    I did find it. I have it archived somewhere. It was fun exploring again. It is a one room scene with a map on the wall of a larger idea. The main feature was the water shader I think. If still interested I can try to track it down again.