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Unity Hub v2.0 beta is now available for download

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by DanielTG, Mar 25, 2019.

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  1. DanielTG


    Feb 15, 2018
    Unity Hub v2.0 beta

    We are pleased to announce the first public beta release of Unity Hub v2.0 (beta 2) for Windows OS and macOS platforms.

    Download Links:

    What’s new in Hub v2.0?
    • A new product UI/UX architecture enabling to deliver a better user experience

      • New features in the Project tab like Sort & Search projects and Reveal in Explorer/Finder
      • Installs: Improved visualization on what components are installed, and Reveal in Explorer/finder
      • Resize the main Hub desktop window
    • License Management: Direct access to license management from the Hub (no more editor detour)

    • Users can install and run the Unity Hub without activating their Unity license first

    • Support language localization and internationalization (coming soon)

    • No more frequent network checks; we will not block any action due to network connectivity and only show errors/warnings

    Why is the application named “Unity Hub beta”?

    In order to not update the Hub v1.x (official release) to v2.0 beta, we decided to rename the application to allow a side by side installation, that way you can test the new Hub v2.0 features, report potential bugs, without any potential risk to your day to day production work with Hub v1.

    That said, there is an important limitation with the Hub v2.0 beta

    Although, the ‘Unity Hub’ and ‘Unity Hub beta’ are installed separately, they cannot be launched at the same time. Also, the applications do share common data cache folder. (e.g. Installing a Unity Editor in one version will expose it in both releases of the Hub)

    Likewise, the web link to install in Hub from the Unity download archive may have unexpected behaviours with Hub v2 beta when installed side by side with Hub v1.x.

    What happened to Hub v2.0 beta 1
    There is another initiative targeting learning tutorials and new user onboarding based that was released using Hub v2.0 beta-1 to a limited number of users earlier this March. This new onboarding flow will also be included in an upcoming Hub 2.0 beta release.

    What about Linux?
    Hub v2.0 beta for Linux OS will be available in an upcoming beta release. Please stay tuned.

    What did you remove from the Hub?

    There are a few features removed/deprecated:
    • In the Create Project UI, the Analytics service toggle has been removed from the UI and is disabled by default.

    • In the create project, the Add Asset Package popup has been removed. The feature is still being re-evaluated whether or not to re-include in parity with Hub v1.x

    • The preferred Unity Editor is deprecated, and if an Editor version is not found, we will use the latest version available.
    What's next for Hub v2.x?
    While we are working on stabilizing Hub v2.0 general release, we are also busy planning and implementing highly requested features for the next minor Hub v2.1 update.

    We thank you for your help and continued support in delivering a solid Unity Hub experience.

    The Hub Team
  2. charlesb_rm


    Jan 18, 2017

    Hub v2.0 beta 3 has been released!
    You can get it here if you haven't done so before:
    Hub v2.0 beta (Windows)
    Hub v2.0 beta (macOS)
    Hub v2.0 beta (Linux)

    Otherwise, you can let the auto-update perform its magic!

    • Fixed a bug reporter issue
    • Fixed a license issue, when there is a special character in the OS username
    • Fixed Hub Installer EULA issues: Mojave dark mode on mac, and unclickable links on Windows
    • Fixed issue where the build targets were not listed for 2019.2+ editors
    • Fixed issue when project with special character in name where not added
    • Improved the UI and the copy
    • Showing a warning when the a windows upgrade is needed in Windows 7 and 8.1
    • Fixed the problem where learn tab was not showing up, if no editor was installed/located
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2019
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  3. charlesb_rm


    Jan 18, 2017
    Hub v2.0 beta 4 has just been released!
    You can get it here if you haven't done so before:
    Hub v2.0 beta (Windows)
    Hub v2.0 beta (macOS)
    Hub v2.0 beta (Linux)

    Otherwise, you can let the auto-update do it for you.

    Add the editor logs to the hub bug reporter and fix the copy
    Copy the new user onboarding templates in an elevated process
    Remember the user's selected project sorting
    Add a welcome message to v2

    Bug Fixes:
    Fix the side nav issue on windows
    Fix the localization issue for tray menu
    UX improvements
    show the versions in the default size
    show the install path on mouseover
    show only the relevant components in install card
    Add experimental and preview tags for Linux installs
    Ux improvement and copy change in new user onboarding
    Full support for Chinese and Japanese
    Fix the issue where editor tick was using a lot of resources in 2018.3 with hub v2
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