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Resolved Unity hub opens with a black screen

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by MAXWAR11, Jul 27, 2022.

  1. MAXWAR11


    Jul 27, 2022
    Hello everybody! This is my first topic on your site and in it I want to share my solution to the problem when unity does not open, or a gray window opens.I want to say right away that I have installed unity of the latest version at the moment on a clean windows 10. For a long time I wandered around the topics of different sites until I decided to do it myself. The following was knocked out in the logs

    [ 'connect: Connecting to Licensing Client IPC channel' ]"}
    {"timestamp":"2022-07-27T02:36:00.277Z","level":"info","moduleName":"LicensingSdkService","message":"[ 'Trying to connect to existing primary pipe (if any)...' ]"}
    {"timestamp":"2022-07-27T02:36:00.279Z","level":"info","moduleName":"LicensingSdkService","message":"[ 'Trying to connect on pipe Unity-LicenseClient-Moksem' ]"}
    {"timestamp":"2022-07-27T02:36:00.282Z","level":"warn","moduleName":"LicensingSdkService","message":"[ 'Lost IPC connection to Licensing Client' ]"}
    {"timestamp":"2022-07-27T02:36:00.282Z","level":"warn","moduleName":"LicensingSdkService","message":"[ 'Failed with ipc error type: PipeIsNotOpen, pid: undefined' ]"}

    I managed to solve this problem by giving full access in the file security settings (Unity.Licensing.Client) to all groups of the system.
    I hope I helped someone with solving this problem!