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Bug Unity Hub on Mac OS must be restarted after quitting Unity

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by benkimball_wotc, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. benkimball_wotc


    Aug 6, 2021
    Perhaps this is working as intended, but it seems weird to me:

    1. Launch Unity Hub
    2. Click on a project to open in it Unity
    3. Quit Unity
    4. Switch back to Unity Hub

    My expectation is that I would see the projects listing in Unity Hub, but instead, Unity Hub has no windows at all. In order to get its window back, I must quit Unity Hub and relaunch it. Is that expected?

    Mac OS 10.15.7, Unity Hub 2.4.5

  2. UnityJuju


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 15, 2021
    Could you please update your Hub to V3 and check if you're having the same issue?

    To switch to V3, open Unity Hub then switch to Beta Channel:
    1. Click Settings (gear icon)
    2. Go to Advanced
    3. In the Release Channel drop-down, choose “Beta”
    4. Wait for background download. When it’s ready, you will see a message to Restart Hub to start using V3.
    To switch back to V2, repeat the steps above, but choose “Production” instead.
  3. benkimball_wotc


    Aug 6, 2021
    I gave this a try this morning, and can report that with the v3 beta, the problem does not occur; after I quit Unity, the Unity Hub still displays its project switcher window. Thanks!
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