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Bug Unity Hub crashes with critical error when previously opened projects are within a locked drive

Discussion in 'Unity Hub' started by Cirtoyt, Feb 24, 2022.

  1. Cirtoyt


    Dec 11, 2019
    Hi, so this took me literally 3 hours to figure out, which I finally did after looking in the log under %appdata%/UnityHub/logs/info-log.json that an error was produced when reading the hubinfo.json file within a project that was currently saved on an external SSD that has bitlocked enabled and was not unlocked.

    The issue is that Unity Hub would open the first time saying 'Unity Hub has encountered a critical error, and cannot open', but then consequential times it will open, but will remain completely blank except for the windows minimise, change to fullscreen window, and exit buttons.

    You need to fix this by recognising projects hidden behind locked bitlocker drives and flagging the project up as either "locked by drive" in the list, or showing some kind of informational pop-up that says "Some projects in your project list are currently locked behind bitlocked protection. Please unlock the drive and refresh this list to access the project", then just exclude showing the project in the list (though showing it with a visual hover-over explanation icon like the lack of correct Unity version installation would be much preferred).

    Also, only by shutting down the 3 running Unity Hub applications that are running in the background through the Task Manager would allow me to open Unity Hub and actually see anything after I unlocked the drive, meaning it didn't fix itself and got in a stuck blank page loop unless shutdown completely and opened again for the first time.
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  2. JoarProf


    Nov 11, 2021
    At least don't crash the app just because some projects aren't accesible.
  3. BebeusXL


    Jul 3, 2022
    So how exactly do I unlock these drives? I've heard these solutions before on other forums, but nobody explains how to do it.