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Unity for PlayStation®Mobile Official Release!

Discussion in 'PSM' started by eriQue, Jun 19, 2014.

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  1. eriQue


    Unity Technologies

    May 25, 2010
    This version has been superseded by the more recent "Hotfix for Unity for PSM Official Release" version.
    You can find here:


    As you can see from our blog post, and also the announcement from SCEI, we have now released the "Official Release" of Unity for PSM.

    If you've already tried the Public Preview version then you're probably familiar with the development environment setup - if not (or if you need a refresher), please have a look here for comprehensive instructions how to get started with Unity for PSM:

    Direct links for the Official Release

    Unity Editor 4.3.4f1 with PSM build option, MonoDevelop and offline PSM documentation:

    PSM Tool Set for Unity, with In-App Purchase settings, and option to submit to PS Store (sign-in required):

    Development Assistant for Unity v1.04 (PS Vita application) (Use PS Vita's web browser to download).​

    Online "Unity for PSM" documentation

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  2. eriQue


    Unity Technologies

    May 25, 2010
    Changes & fixes with Unity for PSM Official Release

    Unity Player:
    • Added PSM In-App Purchase logic
    • Added support for Mono debug transport over TCP sockets (debugging over WiFi).
    • Added support for back touch (UnityEngine.PSM.PSMInput).
    • Added lazy (on-demand) shader compilation.
    • Added TextField input through IME
    • Added shutter sound to WebCamTexture
    • Added implementation of LocationService
    • Added implementation of Compass
    • Output source context when shader compilation fails
    • Added support for Screen.SetResolution() / Screen.resolutions, with 'hardware' rescaling.
    • Added logging in case of an error when calling Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie (to help debugging incorrect paths)
    • Added logging of detailed SSL errors from WWW calls to the console.
    • Renamed UnityEngine.RuntimePlatform.PSMPlayer to PSM.
    • Ignore calls to Application.Quit()
    • Corrected SystemInfo:
      • deviceModel reports "PS Vita".
      • deviceName reports user name.
      • deviceType reports 'Handheld'.
      • deviceUniqueIdentifier reports MD5 sum of WIFI ethernet address.
      • graphicsDeviceVendor / graphicsDeviceName reports Imagination Technologies / PowerVR SGX543MP4+.
      • operatingSystem reports "PSM on PS Vita".
      • processorType reports "ARMv7".
      • supportsLocationService reports 'true'.
      • supportsVibration reports 'false'.
    • Fixed triangle culling bug when triangles become to big.
    • Fixed crash when shader compilation fails.
    • Fixed lerp() error in Fixed Function emulation.
    • Fixed lerp() error when mixing vec2/vec3/vec4 in a single lerp call.
    • Fixed WebCamTexture construction with unsupported settings.
    • Fixed crash if creating/terminating threads from Mono.
    • Fixed crash when calling Socket.Ioctl().
    • Fixed crash when loading classes referencing unknown types.
    • Fixed fallback for fonts with missing glyphs.
    • Fixed WWW.responseHeaders always being empty.
    • Fixed bug when using FileMode.Append / .Truncate / .OpenOrCreate.
    • Fixed bug in Path.GetTempFileName().
    • Fixed UnityEngine.WWW sometimes failing when using SSL connections.
    • Include MonoDevelop to enable script editing and (on-device) debugging.
    • Added offline PSM documentation.
    • Added warning / fallback in the editor for compressed NPOT textures
    • Compile project's app.xml when pressing the 'Play' button in the editor.
    • Parse PsmDevice 'off' / 'drivererror' status message, and display separate error messages.
    • Only reset the DevAssistant before install if needed.
    • Optimized audio encoding (process left/right channel in parallel).
    • Use 'WindowStyle = Hidden' when spawning PsmDeviceForUnity.exe (to hide the cmd.exe window).
    • Added PSM example packages:
      • Camera
      • Input & Motion
      • Location
      • Video
      • InAppPurchaseSample
      • InAppPurchaseSample2
      • PSM API Test
    • Fixed problem where the editor would try to launch the .psdp file on the host PC (resulting in a message dialog on Windows 8).
    • Added multi-select delete, install progress bar and USB connection notifications.
    • Added support for both Public Preview and Official Release builds.
    • Added 'unknown runtime version' error message if trying to launch an application built with the wrong runtime version.
    • Fixed a race-condition crash when starting up the DevAssistant.
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