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Unity for PlayStation®Mobile Hotfix2 Release!

Discussion in 'PSM' started by eriQue, Nov 5, 2014.

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  1. eriQue


    Unity Technologies

    May 25, 2010
    Hello developers,
    We have just released a another "Hotfix" for the Unity for PSM "Official Release".

    This update addresses some specific areas where we've had bug reports from the developers (that's you ;))
    While we made our best effort to correct as many problems as possible, and include all the upstream fixes we could, unfortunately not everything was deemed safe (or even possible) to include in this release.
    But rest assured - we are working on a Unity 5.0 for PSM.

    Installation instructions are identical to the previous version.
    You will need to update both the Editor and the DevAssistant (the PSM ToolSet is unchanged).
    If there is a mismatch (only updating one or the other) then this will result in an error message when trying to launch the application ("Application is using an unknown runtime version")

    Direct links for the Hotfix2 Release

    Unity Editor 4.3.7p3 with PSM build option incl. the updated hotfix, MonoDevelop and offline PSM documentation:

    PSM Tool Set for Unity (no changes, same as before) (PSM sign-in required):

    Development Assistant for Unity v1.06 (PS Vita application) (Use PS Vita's web browser to download).​

    Online "Unity for PSM" documentation

  2. eriQue


    Unity Technologies

    May 25, 2010
    Changes & fixes with Unity for PSM Hotfix2 Release

    Unity Player:

    • Fixed incorrect TexGen calculation (fixed-function 'shader' setup).
    • Fixed crash when switching render targets.
    • Fixed physics capsule colliders not working.
    • Fixed audio clips being incorrectly streamed from memory (using up more memory than necessary).
    • Fixed memory leaks in WWW error handling.
    • Fixed crash because of using BlendOp Min/Max when creating shaders.
    • Fixed splashscreen being removed too soon in published applications.
    • Fixed Debug.isDebugBuild; it was always returning false.
    • Fixed stencil buffer write for render targets (handle inverted projection).
    • Fixed implementation of UnityEngine.Ping.
    • Fixed rendering of medium/high/very high resolution shadowmaps.
    • Fixed potential crash in WWW get/post.
    • Fixed broken AssetBundle loading from a WWW stream.
    • Fixed preset attributes when opening the on-screen keyboard.
    • Fixed crash when disposing of an MD5CryptoServiceProvider object.
    • Fixed some cases of broken rendering, because of incorrect attributes bindings.
    • Improved Asset Bundle error handling when loading bundles with the incorrect runtime version.
    • Improved error handling of WWW "405 Method Not Allowed".
    • Improved handling of HTTPS certificates that caused errors/warnings.
    • Improved shader loading times slightly.
    • Improved out-of-memory handling when running from the DevAssistant.

    Unity Editor:

    • Fixed incorrect size being reported for audio clips (in the inspector).
    • Fixed a problem where the Editor would not import classes from a pre-compiled assembly.
    • Added graphics emulation option for PSM.
    • Updated Input & Motion sample - removed reference to PSVita-only inputs (buttons L2/R2 and L3/R3).
    • Added note about OnApplicationPause/OnApplicationQuit in the documentation.
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