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Unity for PlayStation®Mobile Hotfix Release!

Discussion in 'PSM' started by eriQue, Jul 30, 2014.

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  1. eriQue


    Unity Technologies

    May 25, 2010
    Hello developers,
    We have just released a "Hotfix" for the Unity for PSM "Official Release".

    This update addresses some key problems found in the earlier version (released last month).
    Please note that not all reported problems have been corrected in this version.
    We had to weigh the critical nature of the bugs, versus the risk impact of changing the code, and how long we spend on testing the release (and thus delaying it further).

    Installation instructions are identical to the previous version.
    You will need to update all components (Editor, PSM ToolSet, DevAssistant) to gather all the fixes.

    Direct links for the Hotfix Release

    Unity Editor 4.3.4f1 with PSM build option incl. the hotfix, MonoDevelop and offline PSM documentation:

    PSM Tool Set for Unity, with In-App Purchase settings, and option to submit to PS Store (sign-in required):

    Development Assistant for Unity v1.05 (PS Vita application) (Use PS Vita's web browser to download).​

    Online "Unity for PSM" documentation

  2. eriQue


    Unity Technologies

    May 25, 2010
    Changes & fixes with Unity for PSM Hotfix Release


    Added support for UnityEngine.Caching with PSM.

    Unity Player:
    • Fixed GPU crash when resuming after a system suspend (if GPU skinning was being used).
    • Fixed GPU crash caused by 'garbage collecting' GPU resources when VRAM becomes full.
    • Fixed crash resulting from incorrect releaseing of camera resources.
    • Rendering fixes:
      • Fixed stencil rendering
      • Applied fix for 'fixed function shaders' using texture matrix / texgen ops.
      • Correctly declare 'glstate_lightmodel_ambient' when used in 'fixed function shaders'.
      • Fixed a typo in generated 'fixed function shaders' when sampler type "samplerCube" is used.
      • Applied work-around for incorrect light calculation with point & spot lights, in 'fixed function shaders' (causing lights to appear darker).
      • Fixed specular light calculation in 'fixed function shaders' being slightly too bright.
      • Fixed uniform arrays in shaders sometimes not being bound correctly.
      • Fixed texture component swizzles for RGBA32, ARGB32, RGB32, and BGR24 formats.
    • Fixed a problem where worker threads could steal time from the main thread, causing hitches in the performance.
    • Fixed controller button input mismatch between PS Vita and PS Vita TV / PlayStation TV.
    • Fixed unexpected navmesh behavior.
    • Fixed a (small) memory leak.
    • Fixed an internal runtime crash.
    • Fixed support for WWW() request to local (file://) paths.
    • Handle undocumented return codes from WWW requests gracefully.
    • Allow changing VSYNC quality setting at run-time.
    Unity Editor:
    • Attempt to restart the PsmDeviceForUnity service if -list_devices report 'drivererror'.
    • Throw exception when trying to access PSM functionality, if the PSM ToolSet isn't installed (envvar SCE_PSM_UNITY not set).

    PSM ToolSet:
    • Fixed the bug where [Build] / [Build And Run] fails if another Python is installed in your PC.
    • Fixed the bug where an error occurs when re-submitting Master Package to update the title that is already sold in PS Store.
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