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Guest, the Everyplay forum is currently read-only, due to a recent shutdown in the service. Please read more here.

Unity Everyplay Feature Requests

Discussion in 'Unity Everyplay' started by David-Berger, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. David-Berger


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 16, 2014
    Starting today the Unity Feedback site has a new category for Unity Everyplay.

    You’ll be able to check this area to see which feature requests are currently popular, and to vote for (or suggest!) the features you care about the most.

    Every user receives 10 votes to use, and if there is a feature you REALLY care about you can vote for it up to three times.

    You’ll notice that each feature has a status:
    • Active: Any Feedback which is currently not Completed, Declined or Invalid.
    • Under review: We’re considering this feature.
    • Planned: We’ve agreed that this feature should be implemented, and found a place for it on our roadmap
    • Started: We’ve started work on this feature.
    • Completed: This feature is complete.
    • Declined: We’ve considered this feature but decided not to implement it.
    • Invalid: Feedback which was rejected as it does not fit to the Service.
    When you’re discussing Unity Everyplay features on the forum, using Twitter, or anywhere else, try to remember to link to the feature request on the feedback site so that other users will find it and up-vote it! And if someone suggests something brilliant, encourage them to submit it to the feedback site so it can be documented and considered. The Unity Everyplay team will try to keep the requests updated and will reach out to the person who posted the request if any clarification is necessary.

    Thanks to all of you for using the service and being a vocal part of the Unity Everyplay community.
  2. BugPanda


    Nov 23, 2016