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Unity doesn't include plugin in Android build

Discussion in 'Android' started by Paulius-Liekis, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Paulius-Liekis


    Aug 31, 2009

    I have a problem that on our build machine (OSX) Unity doesn't include plugins for Android builds. It does produce a build and I can run it, but it gives class not found exception. We can build the app just fine on a few other computers.

    I noticed that if I check StagingArea after the build I can see that <Temp/StandingArea/android-libraries/facebook> is empty on build machine, but not on my machine, so for some reason Unity doesn't copy plugins.

    Unity doesn't print any errors into the log file. I tried this on Unity4.6.6 and Unity4.6.8. We use Unity Pro + Android Pro.

    Can you give me some suggestions why would that happen?