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Unity Data Explorer - Total IAP Revenue question

Discussion in 'Unity Analytics' started by DanMasoomi, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. DanMasoomi


    Feb 10, 2018
    Hi Everyone

    I released my first game BUM RUN - A Cheeky Endless Runner on 01/04/2018

    After the leaving the game for 6 months I have came on Unity Dashboard to find in

    Analytics > Data Explorer > Total IAP Revenue (All Current Users)

    The information collected is saying I have generated some nice figures in revenue. I want to know if I'm right in thinking these figures are accurate and how I can access the revenue.

    However when checking information elsewhere its nothing like those numbers

    Can anyone clear this up for me?

    Thank you

  2. JeffDUnity3D


    Unity Technologies

    May 2, 2017
    You would receive IAP payment from either Google Play or Apple, so you would want to confirm the revenue on their respective developer dashboards. Make sure you are looking at "Verified Revenue" in the Dashboard. Unverified revenue shows up quite a bit, and is likely caused by fraud.
  3. ap-unity


    Unity Technologies

    Aug 3, 2016
    Total IAP Revenue includes both Verified and Unverified Revenue.

    This forum post goes into more detail about the Verification process for revenue:

    You should be able to view the Verified IAP Revenue metric to determine how much revenue is actually generated from you app. (And as Jeff mentioned, you will access the revenue from the relevant platform, either Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.)