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Question Unity core data collection vs Analytics/ADS

Discussion in 'Unity Analytics' started by SilviuIoanV, Nov 30, 2023.

  1. SilviuIoanV


    Jun 8, 2020
    Hi guys,

    If you have any clue about this situation would help me a lot and i guess also many other developers because i saw this concern on many forums, but no clear information.
    Recently, I started to be concerned about some aspects described in the Unity privacy policy, especially the one related to my end users.

    I don’t want to collect any data at all from my users or their devices, no matter if its personal or not, and I would like to be transparent with that.

    I am not planning to use any analytics or ads, or other services that could make me fall under GDPR or COPPA.

    I am using the Unity free plan for individuals.
    I researched for a few days, but unfortunately I could not find any clear statement from Unity side:

    I found these statements to be confusing:

    Depending on the software used by the Developer, Unity may collect some or all of the following information about your device: unique device identifiers (e.g., IDFV for iOS devices and Android ID for Android devices); IP address; country of install (mapped from IP address); device manufacturer and model platform type (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, etc.) and the operating system and version running on your system or device; language; CPU information such as model, the number of CPUs present, frequency, and instruction set support flags; the graphics card type and vendor name; graphics card driver name and version (e.g., “nv4disp.dll”); which graphics API is in use (e.g., “OpenGL 2.1” or “Direct3D 9.0c”); amount of system and video RAM present; current screen resolution; version of the Unity Editor used to create the game; sensor flags (e.g., device support for gyroscope, touch pressure or accelerometer); application or bundle identification (“app ID”) of the game installed; unique advertising identifiers provided for iOS and Android devices (e.g., IDFA or Android Ad ID); and a checksum of all the data that gets sent to verify that it transmitted correctly.“

    In the first part of the statement Unity is saying that depending on the software used by the developer Unity MAY collect data. What does it mean ‘depending’ or what software exactly. Is Unity referring to ADS or Analytics or no matter of that Unity is still collecting some data that could fall under legislation?

    Then in the second part of the statement Unity is reffering to a specific case, when specifically use Analytics or ADS. But is the second part a specific case not related to the first statement, or inclusive to the first statement as a concrete example of ‘depending'(depending in the first statement - could mean depending if i use ads for example)

    "Some developers use Unity’s Analytics, deltaDNA services and Ad services, which collect additional information (see FAQs on Unity Analytics, deltaDNA, and Unity Ads below for details); however, our usage of this data is largely for the following purposes."

    The only thing i would like to know and be transparent and provide safe experience to my users is:
    If I am not using Unity ADS, Analytics or any other unity extension services that may collect data, is the basic unity runtime still collecting personal or device information?
    If yes, is it possible to completely go offline and not collecting, sharing, storing any data at all from my users, which can be children ?
    If there is no other way, how can i then allow the users to delete the core data(not the one from analytics or ads)?

    the reference documentation that I found:

    Thank you very much!
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  2. Khokhlenkov


    Nov 8, 2017

    I happen to have the same question.

    I think the answer is here:

    The Unity representative commented: "You have no services enabled so nothing is being sent. And therefore nothing is being stored. We don't send any secret data that I am purposely not telling you about. The "might" and "may" refer to services, specifically custom events with the Analytics service. The "might" and "may" refer to you, the developer, who may be sending custom events or other explicit events. "

    They also recommend double-checking it with Charles Proxy ( They say if it does not show any data sent to then there is no data collected.

    I still have some reservations. That thread is 1.5 years old and something could have changed since. Also if the Charles proxy does not show data sent to it does not mean the game nether sends the data, maybe it does send the data on some rare occations.

    Did you manage to find an answer somewhere else? Did you have any troubles in Play Store or App store by declaring there is no data collected?