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Official Unity Community Code of Conduct

Discussion in 'Meta-forum Discussion' started by LeonhardP, Feb 16, 2024.

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  1. LeonhardP


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 4, 2016
    The Unity Community is a place for you to ask questions, discuss, help others, and get help from peers regarding Unity development. It encompasses all knowledge levels, with the goal of supporting all Unity users in their creative journey.

    We uphold a set of principles to promote an inclusive and positive environment:
    • Please assume good intentions and treat fellow members with respect and kindness.
    • Be considerate of differing viewpoints by actively challenging your assumptions.
    • Embrace the diversity of our community, and refrain from alienating non-native English speakers.
    • Kindly respect everyone's time by researching beforehand, offering complete context, and being concise and descriptive in your posts.
    • Thoughtful replies that improve conversation are welcome, but divisiveness and derogatory comments are not.
    This is your community, and you’re encouraged to take an active role in its well-being by reminding offenders of these principles and flagging violations with the moderators.

    Prohibited content and behavior
    The following behaviors won’t be tolerated in any community interactions, including posts, private messages, and profile information. Contents that violate these rules may be moved, removed, or altered by our moderators and, depending on the severity of the offense, may be penalized with an unofficial warning, an official warning (strike), or immediate expulsion from the community.
    • Engaging in harassment, abuse, discrimination, name-calling, or other personal attacks.
    • Posting violent, offensive, disturbing, vulgar, illegal, defamatory, political, religious, or sexually suggestive material.
    • Sharing personally identifiable information without consent (doxing).
    • Disclosing confidential information.
    • Distributing copyrighted materials without permission.
    • Deceptive behavior of any kind, for example, posting abusive link redirects, knowingly spreading misinformation, or impersonating others.
    • Trolling or boundary-pushing.
    • Malicious use of the reporting system, for example by flagging harmless content as illegal.
    • Spamming or unsolicited advertising, including non-commercial promotions.
    • Sending unsolicited support requests to anyone via personal messages.
    • Reposting content across the platform.
    • Posting multiple comments consecutively in a short time. Bumping of threads is allowed once every 24 hours if a thread is no longer listed on the first page.
    • Posting off-topic, hijacking threads, or posting in inactive topics that have served their original purpose (necroposting). Please start a new topic instead.
    • Posting unverified AI-generated responses or failing to mark AI-generated content as such.
    • Discussing the modding or decompiling of third-party projects.
    • Requesting customer support for third-party games.
    Post guidelines
    To prevent low-quality or abrasive discussions, please adhere to the following guidelines.
    • Effort
      • Read the documentation and search the internet/forums to avoid repeating things that have been asked before.
      • Read relevant pinned/stickied messages before posting in a section.
      • Ensure your posts include comprehensive context and follow the guidelines. Threads and replies with little to no content may be flagged and removed.
      • Consider “rubber duck debugging” first and use your IDE’s debugger and Unity’s profilers to examine your project before asking for help with unexpected script behaviors or performance issues.
      • If you are struggling with the above, you can turn to the Getting Started forum for pointers and help.
    • Attitude
      • Be considerate. Show initiative with your learning, and be mindful that others dedicate their free time here.
      • Don’t be contrarian. Saying nothing is better than hostility.
      • Respond to a post’s content instead of its perceived tone.
      • Avoid engaging in personal arguments, airing grievances with other members, or turning discussions into personal disputes. We encourage resolving disagreements privately or seeking moderation assistance when necessary.
      • Refrain from debating the "best" solution; working solutions can come from different approaches.
    • Content
      • Where applicable, attach supporting materials such as screenshots, videos, or code for better clarity and understanding.
      • Share debugging steps you’ve taken.
      • Provide relevant error messages with their stack traces.
      • Refrain from posting inconsequential replies that do not contribute to the conversation. This includes, but is not limited to, messages with little to no content, repetitive affirmations, and posts that do not add value to the discussion at hand. Consider using reactions instead.
      • Don’t post unverified AI-generated responses in questions or answers; check for accuracy, and state what’s AI-generated.
      • You are welcome to discuss bugs with the community but posting on Unity’s community platforms is not a sufficient way to report bugs. If you want to report a bug to Unity, please use the bug reporter.
      • Likewise, people on the forums won’t be able to help you with issues concerning your account or license. Please reach out to our Customer Experience team if you need support.
    • Style & formatting
      • Start new topics/threads in appropriate forums/categories and use tags where applicable.
      • Provide an English translation if you choose to post in another language. This is a primarily English-speaking community.
      • Be concise and descriptive.
      • Use complete sentences with suitable formatting.
      • Format your code with code-tags. Don't post screenshots of code.
    Moderation policy
    If you see a problem, please report it. Please don't reply to spam or trolling.

    Remember, you’re a part of this community too, and can contribute to its health with proper communication. Discouraging bad behavior lets our Moderators be community facilitators, not just rule enforcers.

    We use a three-strike policy
    1. The first strike is an official warning.
    2. The second strike is a 7-day ban.
    3. The third strike results in a permanent ban and removal from the community.
    Violations are handled with varying severity based on context and prior behavior. Our Volunteer Community Moderators and Unity Admins apply strikes at their discretion.

    Reporting issues
    Use the report/flag function under posts or on user profile pages to submit reports to the moderation team. Please note: While the above is a valid mechanism for reporting content, it is not intended to satisfy a Notice and Action mechanism (Article 16) under the Digital Services Act (DSA). For Article 16 notices, please use the European Union mechanism listed below.

    You can use this form to submit reports under the DSA, including content complaints, appeals of content moderation decisions, judicial or administrative orders, and retrieval of notices.

    If you would like to report an Intellectual Property infringement under the DMCA, please see IP Policy & Takedown Requests.

    You may message Community Managers or moderators directly regarding severe conduct violations.

    Transactions and contracts
    Any work acquired here is done entirely at your own risk, this is a public community on the internet so be cautious.

    Unity Technologies is not responsible for issues or disputes arising from transactions, contracts, or arrangements formed by recruitment in the Unity Community. The Support and Community Teams are not legally trained and cannot offer you advice or resolution. When in doubt, get professional legal counsel.

    Terms of Service
    By using this service, you agree to abide by our Terms Of Service and Site Terms.

    Our Community Services Content Transparency page sets out what content is and isn’t allowed to be provided by a user of our broader Unity Community Services. It also includes information on our policies and procedures when moderating content as well as information for the Digital Services Act.

    We also advise checking our Privacy Policy to learn what data may be processed.

    Updated: February 16, 2024
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