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Official Unity Community Code of Conduct - legacy

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by UnityMaru, Sep 11, 2019.

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  1. UnityMaru


    Community Engagement Manager PSM

    Mar 16, 2016
    This revision of the Unity Community Code of Conduct is no longer valid as of February 16, 2024. Please find the updated code of conduct here.

    Unity Community Code of Conduct

    These apply to all community platforms owned by Unity, including but not limited to Forums, Answers, and Discord in addition to the Unity Website & Communities Additional Terms.

    The Unity community is a friendly place for you to ask questions, discuss, help others and get help from other users on every aspect of Unity development. The community is built with all knowledge levels in mind, with the goal to support all Unity users in their creative journey!

    As an active member of this community, we request that you are mindful to create an inclusive environment for all and follow our community code of conduct listed below.

    1. The following are NOT tolerated within the Unity Developer Network;

    1a. Discussions on political issues as well as grey areas including but not limited to; religion, race and sex.​

    1b. Spamming, including duplicate threads or posts and advertising.​

    1c. Abuse, harassment, defamatory, threatening or discriminating behaviour.​

    1d. The use of offensive language in any form.​

    1e. Discussions on pirated software or illegal activity.​

    1f. Trolling or off topic discussions.​

    1g. Hijacking threads.​

    1h. Posting personal information of any user.​

    1i. Pointless necroposting (posting in a forum thread that is too old to matter any more, or has served its purpose)​

    1j. Posting of confidential sales information provided by the sales team.​

    1k. Impersonating Unity staff/admin/moderator or any other community member​

    1l. Having an inappropriate username or profile image.

    1m. Posting of unverified AI-generated responses or failing to mark AI-generated content as such - Always check the accuracy of AI-generated responses before posting them and clearly state in the beginning that they are AI-generated.​

    Private messaging;

    Do not send unsolicited advertising, spam, or technical questions to any user via Private Messages on the site.

    If you have a question about developing with Unity, please post it on the forums.

    Low-effort posting;

    Threads and replies with little to no content will be removed without question. Please ensure that what you are posting has as much information as possible for other forum users to help or understand what you are saying.

    2. Strikes

    We use a three-strike policy in this community. It is enforced by both Unity Admins and Volunteer Community Moderators. As mentioned above, reach out to our admins and staff if you believe someone is violating our code of conduct.

    1. The first offense is a warning.

    2. The second offense is a 7-day ban.

    3. The third offense results in a permanent ban and removal from the community.

    Please note that if the offense is severe enough you may be permanently banned without warning.

    3. All moderator decisions are final.

    4. These rules are subject to change or amendment at any time.

    5. Unity Technologies is not responsible for:

    5a. Transactions or contracts formed between parties as a result of recruitment from the Unity Community.​

    5b. Resolving disputes on contracts or agreements formed as a result of recruitment from the Unity Developer Network.​

    5c. Resolving personal conflicts located outside the Unity Developer Network.​

    6. Any contract work acquired on the forums is done entirely at your own risk, this is an open community on the internet so be wise. If you have a bad experience please resolve this issue with the relevant parties. The Support Team and Community Team are not legally trained and cannot offer you advice or resolution. If in doubt contact your local law enforcement agency or attorney for legal advice.

    We encourage you to;

    • Stay on topic – If you want to change the subject, start a new thread.

    • Start new threads in appropriate forums – Look at the sections and their descriptions before you post.

    • Be friendly and helpful – There is a huge array of skill level on the forum, we all started as n00bs

    • Search before you post – The Forums, Answers, and the User Manual are packed full of information so there may already be a solution.

    • Add relevant and descriptive thread titles – Please do not post a thread titled “Please help I have a problem” as it is likely to get ignored.

    • Good spelling and grammar – Not everyone is a native English speaker and may not understand j00R L337 5P34|< or colloquial jargon.

    • Be detailed – When posting about an issue include the version of Unity you are using and machine or device specs.

    • Report Posts – Use these rules to report any violations across the Unity Developer Network. Make sure you provide usernames and an accurate description. This is especially helpful in lengthy discussions.

    • Submit bug reports before starting threads about bugs in the forum – The forums are great for discussing bugs with the community but not for reporting them to Unity.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2024
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