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Discussion in '2D' started by rawtuf88, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. rawtuf88


    Jun 19, 2014
    Hello, I am brand new to Unity but I’ve got an itch to try to make a multiplayer card game.
    I need help, and I would appreciate any help any of you could provide.
    I have all art, and besides moving cards around / tapping cards, there is no animation needed. This entire project should be in 2-D Here is an overview of the basic features:

    Multiplayer Component:
    • Needs to support up to 8 people multiplayer; each game will have between 2 to 8 people
    • There needs to be a way for players to communicate in game
    • People not playing should be able to spectate
    • There should be a way for players to sit in positions, like virtual chairs, to show their play order
    • Ideally, I would like a lobby where people could decide to join a game, spectate a game, or make a private game.
    Game Component:
    • Needs to be able to have people build decks, save decks, and load their pre-made decks
    • Decks should be saved in an easily moddable .txt file
    • All cards will be included in the game download
    • Main Deck for each player can be no less than 60 cards and no greater than 90
    • Secondary Deck needs to be a minimum of 12, no max
    • Two Card backs for Main Deck / Secondary Deck
    • Needs readily shown life total with ability to add / subtract per player
    • Needs to visibly display counters of multiple colors on cards (red circle with white #, green circle with white #, yellow circle with white #)
    • Each turn has multiple ‘phases’ which needs to be advanced / retracted
    • There needs to be a system for players to hold cards in their hand, with other players knowing how many cards are held but unable to see which cards
    • There needs to be a system to have uncovered cards on the play area, taken from a different deck than the main deck
    • There needs to be a pile for used cards: Ash Heap, Research, Removed, where all players can easily see the contents of these piles
    • Cards should be able to be turned over, where the standard back would be seen, and shown, where the front of the card would be seen
    • Cards should be able to be tapped, as in Magic: The Gathering, upon a click
    • Counters should be added by shift left click
    • Counters should be removed by shift right click
    • There needs to be a way for players to communicate in game
    • There needs to be a way to flip a coin, roll a six sided dice, and roll a 20 sided dice, with random outcomes
    • There needs to be a log showing life add/subtract, cards tapping, counters removed from cards.
    • The creation of a single card by any player, with a unique art asset
    • Ability for every player to write a note on the card, that can be seen and deleted
    These are the features I would like in V. 1.0. I am brand new to unity.
    Any help or input would be greatly appreciated, pointing to tutorial videos which may help
    Or very similar projects I can borrow code from

    Thank you very much for your time.
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    May 19, 2012
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