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Unity Asset Sales Thread

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by nixter, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. nixter


    Mar 17, 2012
    Hi all!

    Over the years of being a Unity user and an asset store customer, I have stumbled upon threads where asset publishers are offering sales on their products. I would never have known about these sales if I hadn't dug several pages down to find them. Sometimes, they aren't even hinted at in the thread title. I always thought this would be of use: to have a single thread listing all of the on-sale items that were not featured in the asset store.

    So that is what this thread is. If you are an asset creator and you have put your creations on sale, please post a link here to the asset store. A couple of ground rules:

    1. Do not post questions or comments about assets here. Address questions to the developer in the appropriate product thread.
    1. If you are placing multiple products on sale, use a single post with multiple links to the asset store pages and the forum pages for questions.
    2. Only post once per 60 days. More often than that is not fair to the other creators.
    3. Sales must be 30% or higher.
    4. Do not post if your product is the 24-Hour-Sale of the day or is in a featured Unity Asset sale. You already have plenty of exposure and do not need it here.
    5. Do not answer any questions on this thread. Customers will be directed to the appropriate product thread.
    To get things started, I've compiled a list of some popular assets on sale on January 13th, 2016. This is not a complete list. I plan to update this list with other products as they become available.

    Apologies for the bad formatting. The DOC file attached is formatted correctly.

    Store - Savings - Price - Title - Category - Last Update
    Unity 80 3 Smooth Tiles 2D Scripting/Effects 01/13/16
    Unity 80 Publisher GameMusicSound Audio/Sound FX
    Unity 67 20 inLOGIN - Online Account System - AES Scripting/Integration 12/15/15
    Unity 60 20 Stylized Nature Pack 3D Models/Environments 01/06/16
    Unity 60 18 psai® Music Engine Pro Editor Extensions/Audio 11/05/15
    Unity 60 50 Candela SSRR V2: Advanced Screen Space Shaders 09/15/15
    Unity 55 16 Advanced Shooter Kit Complete Projects/Systems 01/05/16
    Unity 50 10 Math Puzzle Game Templates Complete Projects/Templates 01/11/16
    Unity 50 45 TerrainComposer Editor Extensions/Terrain 10/20/15
    Unity 50 45 EasyRoads3D Pro Editor Extensions/Terrain 09/26/15
    Unity 50 45 WorldComposer Editor Extensions/Terrain 10/20/15
    Unity 50 10 Simple Town - Cartoon Assets 3D Models 12/20/15
    Unity 50 15 Ultimate FX Pack 1: Cartoon Particle Systems 04/09/15
    Unity 50 25 Score Flash with Unity UI (uGUI) support Editor Extensions/GUI 08/27/15
    Unity 50 38 Low Poly Strategy Prototyper Complete Projects/Packs 01/09/16
    Unity 50 30 GameFlow Editor Extensions/Visual Scripting 11/25/15
    Unity 50 15 Cartoon Halloween Farm 3D Models/Environments 10/19/15
    Unity 50 20 Stylized Jungle Pack 3D Models/Environments 01/06/16
    Unity 50 Publisher On-Q Creations 3D Models/Environments
    Unity 50 25 GAC (Great Animation Combos) System Editor Extensions/Game Toolkits 11/30/15
    Unity 50 Publisher SoftRare Various
    Unity 45 25 Advanced Battle AI Scripting/AI 01/08/16
    Unity 40 31 Smash Way : Hit Pyramids Complete Projects/Templates 01/11/16
    Unity 40 19 The Manor (Mobile Optimized) 3D Models/Environments 01/06/16
    Unity 40 15 NJG MiniMap Scripting/GUI 12/21/15
    Unity 40 20 Tom's Terrain Tools Editor Extensions/Terrain 07/20/15
    Unity 35 42 Dialogue System for Unity Scripting/AI 01/05/16
    Unity 30 23 Geometry FX Particles Particle Systems 01/09/16
    Unity 30 42 UI - Builder Editor Extensions/GUI 01/09/16
    Unity 30 23 Game Template Complete Projects/Templates 01/09/16
    Unity 30 15 One Minute GUI Textures & Materials/GUI Skins 01/09/16
    Unity 30 10 Inventory Plus Scripting/GUI 04/07/15
    Unity 30 35 Modular Multilevel: Turrets-Mechs-Robots 3D Models/Props/Weapons 02/13/15

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jan 18, 2016
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  2. jonfinlay


    Aug 25, 2015
  3. Teila


    Jan 13, 2013
    Great idea, Jon! I miss them too so this is a nice idea.