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Unity Animator Works, but Character Doesn't Animate

Discussion in 'Animation' started by QuindecimX, May 11, 2022.

  1. QuindecimX


    Jul 12, 2017
    I haven't worked on my Unity project for awhile. When I returned and went into play mode, my character stopped animating correctly. I can move him around, but he's stuck in his A pose.

    I checked the Animator tab to see what's up, and suprisingly it's working 100% as it's supposed to. So why isn't my character performing the animations?

    I tried reimporting my model, then when that didn't work I went to Blender and re-exported my model to FBX --still didn't work. I also tried changing the Animation types and applying the changes (IIRC it was originally set to "Generic" back when the animations were working), but that didn't work either.

    upload_2022-5-10_22-50-44.png upload_2022-5-10_22-50-49.png

    I'm honestly stumped. Any suggestions?