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Unity Animation Issue Using Mecanim

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Norseblod, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. Norseblod


    Apr 24, 2015
    Ok, I know there are tons of blender questions out there, but haven't seen much that really help or address my issue exactly. I am using Blender... and I hear too many horror stories about issues with Unity and Blender.

    I've been pulling my hair out (and it's a lot, but getting thin now) over this for months now. I will export a fbx model with the animations. It works fine with legacy but as soon as i try to change it to "generic" and use mecanim I get issues.

    Sometimes it worked ok... then other times it seemed almost as if some of the bones were not properly weighted. Either they rotated too much, or felt constrained by other ones moving, or even do a full 360 to get to the next position.

    It seems like every time i get it working, I end up adding more frames or textures or something then I export the file again and it does something else funky.

    Anyone have any ideas why this is occurring? Is there something to do with the blending between frames? Or is there a certain amount of frames I should aim for per animation set? Currently, I have about 10 to 12 frames for a walk animation and the same for a run... but, the feet twist and turn oddly or only move half way to the full length it should reach...

    As I said, I have searched a LOT and tried many things...

    Thanks for any advice!