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Help Wanted Unity and vuforia on Hololens

Discussion in 'AR' started by aron6, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. aron6


    Nov 14, 2020
    Looking for some help with implementing Vumarks with Vuforia engine. Need to have different vumark instances trigger different AR objects as holograms.

    Trying to implement vumarks similar to this video where the AR content changes based on vumark instance:
    . starts at 11:08 into the video.

    Can't use the steps in the video because of changes to the api in newer versions of Vuforia engine.

    I have tried the Vuforia sample from here but its not clear on how everything would be implemented in a new project.:

    Mainly, the following things are unclear from the sample:

    1. In the scene that uses vumarks, there is an object named 'VuMarkHandler' in the scene hierarchy. How is this object added / created?

    2. How is it specified which AR content is to be loaded based on vumark instances?

    relavant documentation: