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Question Unity and Keycloak self hosted

Discussion in 'Authentication' started by Cadons_supsi, Jul 1, 2023.

  1. Cadons_supsi


    Sep 26, 2022
    Hi everyone,
    I am developing my multiplayer game and I have a backend api service using keycloak.
    During development this server is hosted on lan or localhost. I tried to expose my host on the internet, but it seems that unity can't connect. For now I have a self-signed certificate for https, do you know if it can give problems?
    So far I've only tried with the editor authentication module, I haven't written any code.
    Is there any way to use the authentication function by code?
    With my backend and frontend it works perfectly.
    Can you guys help me with this? I want authentication from browser and oidc chain to work.