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Unity and C# coding interview questions.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GalShaffir, Nov 23, 2023.

  1. GalShaffir


    Jul 3, 2021
    Hey all!

    I have an interview for a Unity developer position at an AR company. I was infromed that I will be given a C# coding challenge. I was looking for coding exercises (LeetCode style) with an emphasis on Unity development online but haven't found anything usefull.

    How can I prepare myself in the best way for this interview other then reviewing OOP, basic unity and C# principals?
  2. Antypodish


    Apr 29, 2014
    By presenting your through knowledge, which you have gained over years.
    It seems this is your first time of interview in this field.

    You won't be required to answer all questions. But how you can approach a problem. They will test you on understanding principles and specifics to their need.

    You are of course experienced with Unity AR at this point, as you are expected by the interviewers. They will certainly fire range of questions toward that on test.

    If you don't have enough experience, based on way you ask question, you probably won't make through. But regardless, it is worth for you to take the test and don't get discouraged. You will learn what may be expected, and you will see what gaps you have in your skills.

    They may be for example game design related questions, optimisation, low level language generic questions, or specific design approaches, generic programing knowledge. And of course AR questions.