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Unity and BlackBerry android native support

Discussion in 'BlackBerry' started by mr.sparada, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. mr.sparada


    Nov 15, 2013
    Can I just repackage my unity android games and run on BlackBerry 10 now that android native is supported?
  2. WaterlooErik


    Jul 22, 2013
    The Android native implementation on BlackBerry 10 is a subset of the full implementation. Not everything will be supported. That being said, our teams are working to increase the feature set to make as much available as they can. You can find information on specific APIs here:

    Repackaging and Android APK to a BlackBerry 10 BAR file is certainly an option, though with Unity's built-in packaging tools, I'm not sure I see the value as opposed to just packaging as BlackBerry 10 directly. Potentially, if you're using an Android plugin that hasn't been ported to BlackBerry 10 yet, repackaging the APK may have some value (assuming the Android plugin APIs are supported in our implementation.)

    Given the direct APK installation that is now possible, I guess it also would make sense to distribute via APK if you intend to distribute only through Android markets. Otherwise the repackaging to BAR file is really minimal in effort.

    Once other consideration is that for many BlackBerry programs (Built For BlackBerry, Gamepad Enabled, etc.) an APK will not suffice; you need to distribute a BlackBerry 10 BAR file via BlackBerry World. For example, Android's gamepad APIs are not currently supported on BlackBerry 10, while we have solid integration with Unity's implementation when packaging as BlackBerry.