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Unity Analytics SDK extended support for 4.x-5.1 versions

Discussion in 'Unity Analytics' started by sschan, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. sschan


    Unity Technologies

    Oct 8, 2014

    Unity Analytics SDK extended support for 4.x-5.1 versions

    With the release of 5.2, Unity Analytics is natively integrated in the Engine. Unity Analytics SDK will now support 4.x-5.1 versions.

    The previous 5.1 integration “PlayerSettings” copy-and-paste Project ID method will still work, but we are discontinuing official support December 8, 2015 (5.3 release). For existing 5.1 users, we recommend you update your integration to use the following supported methods:
    1. Upgrade your project to 5.2
    2. The updated SDK now supports 5.1. Re-integrate Analytics with the SDK.
    Analytics data collection for projects using the previous 5.1 integration “PlayerSettings” will still function as normal. If you choose not to update your integration to the supported methods but will still add additional advanced integration refer to Advanced Integration instructions below. As a reminder, we are ceasing official support for this going forward.

    If you have questions or concerns regarding this announcement please let us know in our Forum.

    Updating Advanced Integration events
    If you did any existing Advanced Integration previously, you will also need to update the namespace and the calls to use the use 5.1 syntax.

    Reference the Unity Analytics SDK package
    5.1: using UnityEngine.Analytics

    Monetization Calls
    5.1: Analytics.Transaction(string productId, decimal price, string currency, string receipt, string signature);

    Custom Event Calls
    5.1: Analytics.CustomEvent(string customEventName, IDictionary<string, object> eventData);

    User Info Calls
    5.1: Analytics.SetUserGender(Gender gender);
    Analytics.SetUserBirthYear(int birthYear);
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