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[Unity 5] Tutorial: How to make a rage/special ability system with unity

Discussion in 'Community Learning & Teaching' started by gamadgames, Aug 1, 2016.

  1. gamadgames


    May 31, 2014
    Hello guys and welcome to another unity 5 tutorial!
    In this tutorial we are going to create a BASIC rage system!

    Important: In this tutorial I used the VignetteAndChromaticAberration as an example, because it is easy to see what it does, if you want to use it in your own project find an effect that suits the game!
    (The effect grayscale/sepiatione is also an awesome effect that works out pretty well, for example in the GTA V)

    For the thumbnail I used an old scene from War Heroes and ONLY added the effect which I showed you guys in the tutorial.

    This system includes:
    *How to turn on/off image effects (by a rage system it looks weird if you are fading it in).
    *One thing I forgot to explain (because there are many ways to use this is how to integrate this) how it would double your damage during the raging. Just add in the "Attack function" this:
    (you have already a variable damage that indicate the amount of damage that you can deal)
    public void Attack()
    int curdamage = damage;

    curdamage = damage * 2;

    //send damage and so on

    *if you want to slow down the time you can add in the raging function.
    Time.timescale = 0.5f;
    (for this to work you need to intergrate in everything (movement, projectile speed and so on) the timescale and don't forget to undo this when you aren't raging anymore!)

    I hope you guys like it!

    Also if you got any questions, just ask in the comments!
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