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Video Unity 5.6.1: VideoPlayer.Play() or VideoPlayer.Prepare(); leads to temporary game freezes

Discussion in 'Audio & Video' started by Im-Berzki499, May 28, 2017.

  1. PlumpDolphin


    Oct 25, 2017
    Bump, I'm having the same problem still in Unity 2018.2.1f1. It's truly amazing, and not in a good way, how they keep putting out new update after new update, but not a single sign of fixing this feature. I can understand that some bugs are difficult to hunt down, but it has been over a year now since the OG post. It's completely unusable on all mobile platforms, and there are no 3rd-party options recommended by the Dev's until they finally get around to repairing such a major bug.
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  2. DGordon


    Dec 8, 2013
    Going to also flag that when I got in touch with Unity, and asked about how to get proper support for something like this, or even just a place to go to properly track the status on a known bug that was _already_ acknowledged by a Dev as having a fix in process ... I was essentially told to pay around $10k for a 10 people customer support package, or to go away. I was told that the forums and the bug tracking were just fine, and essentially, the fact that I had run into an issue like this was hand-waved away. When asked about what I should do when encountering something like this (or some other issues I've run into), I was told the same company line over and over, without any real response to my questions.

    I cannot explain the utter disgust I have with Unity as a business (not directed to individuals, or the product). I was treated like a completely unimportant customer unless I was willing to shove out thousands of dollars for something I didn't need, even though I have _already_ purchased multiple versions of Unity AND spent thousands on assets.

    It was made very clear that Unity does NOT care about individual users in the slightest as a corporate policy. I don't mean to say the employees don't, just that I suspect they have nothing they can do. I was told that Unity services so many people, that they just can't afford to do any 1 on 1 help. Which of course ignored the fact that I offered to pay (just not for 10 seats, when the company I was doing work for only needed 1, and only to inquire into the status of completely show-stopping bugs to know if we should even attempt to get around them, or just use different tech), as well as the fact that the forums which I was being told to use was the very issue ... that there was no response, and that this specific issue was affecting anyone who tried to use their new "feature" and was not a 1 on 1 issue anyway. Not to mention one of my questions was where to go when the devs on the Unity forums give DEPRECATED advice and the docs aren't up to date yet (this was when WebGL was still in infancy ... I wasted a good amount of time trying to use a fix a Dev eventually realized was outdated and wouldn't actually work) ... what was the response? Pay us ten thousand dollars for the year. Nothing else mattered.

    I couldn't even get an answer to where to go if something was a known bug, acknowledged that it was being worked on already, and being actively complained about by multiple users ... do I file a new bug report? Should everyone do that? How does it make sense to make 100 new bug reports for 100 different users, when its not even a "new" bug? Heh ... "nothing to see here, move along, or pay us 10k." was the only response I could get. Maybe 2 years (? time flies!) later, and I still have no idea (a) what the status of the alleged fix for this a specific Dev mentioned in a different post is (he never ever responded, ever again), or (b) how I'm actually supposed to look into it. UT just blatantly decided this is not worth their time. They know ... don't think its that no one has read this, or has become aware of it. They made an active decision that they don't care. Even if it was just from me, this issue was raised to multiple people in different areas of UT, and I don't believe for a second they're blind to the 5+ (?) threads on this issue that had been bumped steadily for months.

    Pleh. Whoever I spoke to must have felt really dirty after that call, as it was obvious he was only able to give a prepared company response. I sent a follow up to Unity complaining about that, but I never received any response.

    Point being -- don't expect anyone to care. I already complained to multiple places, and no one does. Unless individuals who work there _decide_ to take it upon themselves. But there's nothing that enforces anyone at Unity has to respond to a question like this, and Unity officially WONT respond on an individual level unless its backed by at least 10 thousand dollars.

    Essentially ... things need to reach a critical mass of money before anyone has to care. If its a feature that won't cause enough waves -- even if its blatantly broken and harming people's projects --, it doesn't matter. The bottom line is ... Unity is a company out to make money. They make an excellent product and enable the livelihood of a lot of people. But as a company (not speaking to offend any of the great individuals who work there, but I've yet to hear from ANY of you, so I'm not sure if you really exist within this capacity) they don't actually care about _you_ or your project, or how their software affects your business. Unless it affects theirs, of course. Out of all the software I have _ever_ purchased, this was by far the most degrading in terms of customer service when dealing with feedback for bugs in their own software that derailed projects I was working on. So ... don't hold your breath, and move on from this feature, as well as any other feature, that doesn't work. Until you have solid proof that someone has moved it into the "important to even acknowledge" category.

    If anyone at UT reads this, I appreciate every ounce of help everyone has given on these forums over the years. But that still doesn't excuse the above scenario which played out over half a year. Its been two years, and there has been zero response to this, which leads me to believe its been actively ignored as the rantings of a base of users which just doesnt matter. If UT wasn't raking in so much money, this type of customer service would NEVER be acceptable. Heck, if anyone on their own asset store pulled this kind of stunt, I would get a refund.
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  3. jocyf


    Jan 30, 2007

    I already commented in a post of this same thread my case. We had a small interactive video game that we wanted to publish on IOS/Android.
    In IOS everything works great and we could publish it but an Android, after trying by all means to make it work properly, we have not been able to find any solution and we could not do it.

    In our case, we are testing other engines to see if video playback works perfectly on all platforms (at least in IOS/Android) since in Unity simply works badly: it does not always play the videos correctly and preparing any video -no matter how short it is- takes too much time.

    I guess Unity is too busy with its new features and future plans (Burst Comuler, Render Pipeline, Jobs Systm, etc...) to stop solving tiny problems like its own video player since it was released in Unity 5.6. What a disappointment!

    Last edited: Sep 15, 2018
  4. canyon_gyh


    Aug 15, 2018
  5. unity_-uJ7T8BjJWZrvg


    Mar 26, 2018
    In my case i just check the loop in video player setting and its worked for me.
  6. jamesjxiao


    Mar 1, 2018
    i got this problem in 2017.3.1, any solution with it?
  7. greenhousefilmsni


    Jun 26, 2019
    Any luck a year later?
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