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Unity 4.6.0RC2 fails to create a fullscreen properly under MacOSX

Discussion in 'UGUI & TextMesh Pro' started by Neterea Studios, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Neterea Studios

    Neterea Studios

    May 7, 2013
    The point here is that Unity 4.6.RC2 (and I guess that a lot more previous versions) fail to create a fullscreen properly. I don't care about previous versions, I care about having a really good 4.6 final version so I'm posting in this section.

    OS: MacOSX Mavericks

    Options set:
    "Default Is Fullscreen"
    "Default Is Native Resolution"
    Display Resolution Dialog: "Disabled"
    Mac Fullscreen Mode: "Fullscreen Window"

    Unity creates a window (apparently 1024x768) and then goes fullscreen. The window is not matching the real screen aspect. It goes fullscreen with a window that has the wrong aspect, so everything is deformed.

    I found a lot of threads in the forum and unity answers with people having this problem in the past. I would appreciate if someone could explain why this is so hard to solve.

    No, I'm not creating a bug report. Just voted for case 569314, as it seems the same, and other bug reports I see related to this are marked as duplicated. This case is also one year old and still present. Other questions related to this seem to be ignored... so I guess people is used to some of the workarounds proposed for this and assumes people should be searching for them and using them. The annoying part about this is that workarounds about this are mixed with things that are not true for newer versions of Unity... so some workarounds I found are no longer workarounds.

    Could this be solved for the final 4.6.0?