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Question Unity 3d Animation Problem

Discussion in 'Animation' started by BiBGamesUnity, Mar 28, 2021.

  1. BiBGamesUnity


    Mar 17, 2021
    Hello everyone, I'm having a little problem with Unity. I imported "T_Pose" and "Wait" Animations of my model to Unity. The problem is that I selected "Humonoid" from the "Rig" part of my character's "Wait" animation and hit the apply button. So far everything is fine. Then I use "Ctrl + D" to de-prepare my animation. I dragged the resulting animation into my "T_Pose" model, but my character's fingertips are in the air. Couldn't fix the problem, I guess it's a minor problem, I hope you can help.

    I put the pictures of the problem in the GIF form below.

    Assassin T_Pose Model :


    Assassin Wait Model (His feet are on the ground) :


    The error i get when i add the animation :