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Unity 2018.2.9f1 had lots of bugs with Assembly Definition files

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by mmortall, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. mmortall


    Dec 28, 2010
    The Assembly Definition feature is broken. This is really bad :(:( Is this a known issue?

    1. It is not tracking the change of the files, not recompiles them event after reimport or renaming of the files or deleting them
    2. Randomly you got "The type or namespace name `bla bla bla' could not be found" and after you restart Unity it fixes. Or after reimporting or just something happening and you got fixed.

    Just look that the error. Trying to fix it I created NewBehaviourScript.cs and rename it. No reactin from ssembly Definition. Then after some restarting/reimrpoting/deleting I got this:

    Code (CSharp):
    1. rror CS2001: Source file `Assets/DLLs/NewBehaviourScript.cs' could not be found
    2. error CS2001: Source file `Assets/DLLs/NewBehaviourScript2.cs' could not be found
    So it is now tracked already deleted file. After I reimport PluginsMy assembly definition it is finally fixed.

    My current hierarchy (from top to bottom):
    Game <- GameFramework <- PluginsMy
    PluginsMy is all my plugins and if I change the files there I got these problems.

    it seems that if I have compile errors Assembly Definition just stop working o_O