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Unity 2018.1 Magic Leap Technical Preview Release 9 missing changelist

Discussion in 'AR' started by tkeene_vspatial, Nov 20, 2018.

  1. tkeene_vspatial


    May 2, 2017
    The most recent update from the 15th of November has no release notes. What was changed in that release?

    I'm interested because waiting on this fix for UI: I was only told that "It will not be in the next release but should be in the one after that." so I assume it's not in this one, but it would be nice if it was.
  2. TheJavierD


    Jan 6, 2017
    Unity® Package 0.18.0
    • Lumin SDK Version 0.18.0
    • Unity® Version: 2018.1.9f1-MLTP9
    Magic Leap's hardware and software is in an early release state right now. Many features or functionality of the Magic Leap One hardware or software are available (with more on the way!), but may contain bugs or other defects, and/or may experience delays or failure. This document contains valuable information for this early release time frame, but is also being updated frequently as things change. Want to know more? Head to the forums on our Creator Portal for more guidance.

    • BREAKING CHANGE: Media Player will not work with platform api level lower than 2 (LuminOS 0.93.0)
    • Unity Engine Update: Minimum platform api level is exposed through player settings
    • Added support for STABILIZATION DEPTH through Stablization mode setting on the Camera
    • Added DASH media support
    • Better error logging for public static functions in the plugin
    • Music Player: Added Unicode (UTF-8) support
    • Added configurable MLPlugin verbosity level for users. Errors only by default
    • Background Lighting: Added example to update model based on current room lighting
    • Added Events when head pose is lost and re-gained through MagicLeapDevice
    • Background Music: Added new example
    • Persistent Coordinate Frames: Modified example so that setting unique ID no longer renames the game object
    • Persistent Coordinate Frames: Modified example by replacing MLPersistentBehavior's OnComplete and OnError with OnStatusUpdate
    • Planes: Added polygonal API support
    • Planes: Updated example to use polygonal API
    • New Placement Example which demonstrates how to place virtual content that does not intersect with any real world geometry but instead is placed on top of it.
    • BUG FIX: Planes example no longer selects by default the previously selected texture material

    Known Issues
    • Apps built with the new editor will not work on Lumin OS 0.91.0 or 0.92.0.
    • Build app failures due to the manifest will generate an error pop up that will display a generic error message. Please refer to Unity console for a more detailed explanation of the issue.
    • Image Capture Example - The UI bounces back and forth when bumper is pressed continuously to capture image
    • Unity TLS session may be intercepted as it is not integrated with local cert store
    • The following MLPlugin feature events have been deprecated from MLEyes: OnFixationDepthComfortChanged, OnFixationDepthViolationOccurred, OnFixationDepthViolationCleared, IsFixationDepthUncomfortable, RemainingTimeAtUncomfortableDepth, MaximumTimeAtUncomfortableDepth, HasFixationDepthViolationOccurred
    • Due to the new MapEvents functionality in the MLHeadTracking API not being implemented on MLRemote, running apps on MLRemote in 0.18.0 will throw an error in the console. Disable Error Pause in the Unity console to allow your application to keep running.
    • Unity Media Player - Closing All apps or mldb terminate causes an error when using a DRM URL.
    • Internet connectivity flag for ML Device always returns true.
    • Low level socket failure occurs after some time with .Net 4.
    • Setting an extremely large camera scale causes extra bright rendering.
    • Calling Pause() in OnVideoPrepared handler does not work.
  3. tkeene_vspatial


    May 2, 2017