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Unity 2017.2.0b9 with HoloLens - any working configuration?

Discussion in '2017.2 Beta' started by DaTruAndi, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. DaTruAndi


    Apr 14, 2017

    I am aware of the issue
    "XR: Windows Mixed Reality usage on b7 results in hangs and black screens at start-up. This has been fixed in b8 for VR HMDs, but is still an issue for HoloLens."

    This is so unspecific.
    Is there ANY working configuration/setting with 2017.2.0b9 and HoloLens?

    Repro below to try to narrow the problem down and finding any working configuration.

    I did an empty scene with the modifications as HTK (Holotoolkit) would do it but not actually any code from Holotoolkit/Mixed Reality Toolkit. Added a sphere. No other scripts. Works fine in editor and in Holographic Remoting.
    Deploying to HoloLens - Window quickly pops up with Unity loading splash screen in it, then black screen with cursor.

    Unrelated: Has the bug for Xbox One Controllers been fixed btw? (that right thumbstick and dpad are not accessible on the device).

    Kind regards,