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Bug Unexpected exception while trying to iniitialize communication:

Discussion in 'ML-Agents' started by billubccogs300, Oct 22, 2022.

  1. billubccogs300


    Sep 12, 2022

    I'm trying to train a game in the Unity Editor for Mac 2020.3.40f1, using ML Agents 2.0.1 and I got this message. I am doing this on a Macbook Version 10:13.6.

    I noticed a similar post on a Windows box [ ] that narrowed down the problem to a missing dll MSVCP140.DLL.

    Anyway, here is the stack trace. Hope you can help, and thanks in advance:

    Unexpected exception when trying to initialize communication: System.IO.IOException: Error loading native library "/Users/userb/Documents/COGS 300/lab5-connectionism-main/Library/PackageCache/"
    at Grpc.Core.Internal.UnmanagedLibrary..ctor (System.String[] libraryPathAlternatives) [0x00063] in <2f154ad39ec14cfea604815989d96352>:0
    at Grpc.Core.Internal.NativeExtension.Load () [0x000d7] in <2f154ad39ec14cfea604815989d96352>:0
    at Grpc.Core.Internal.NativeExtension..ctor () [0x00006] in <2f154ad39ec14cfea604815989d96352>:0
    at Grpc.Core.Internal.NativeExtension.Get () [0x00022] in <2f154ad39ec14cfea604815989d96352>:0
    at Grpc.Core.Internal.NativeMethods.Get () [0x00000] in <2f154ad39ec14cfea604815989d96352>:0
    at Grpc.Core.GrpcEnvironment.GrpcNativeInit () [0x00000] in <2f154ad39ec14cfea604815989d96352>:0
    at Grpc.Core.GrpcEnvironment..ctor () [0x0001e] in <2f154ad39ec14cfea604815989d96352>:0
    at Grpc.Core.GrpcEnvironment.AddRef () [0x00028] in <2f154ad39ec14cfea604815989d96352>:0
    at Grpc.Core.Channel..ctor (System.String target, Grpc.Core.ChannelCredentials credentials, System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] options) [0x00051] in <2f154ad39ec14cfea604815989d96352>:0
    at Grpc.Core.Channel..ctor (System.String target, Grpc.Core.ChannelCredentials credentials) [0x00000] in <2f154ad39ec14cfea604815989d96352>:0
    at Unity.MLAgents.RpcCommunicator.Initialize (System.Int32 port, Unity.MLAgents.CommunicatorObjects.UnityOutputProto unityOutput, Unity.MLAgents.CommunicatorObjects.UnityInputProto& unityInput) [0x00007] in /Users/userb/Documents/COGS 300/lab5-connectionism-main/Library/PackageCache/
    at Unity.MLAgents.RpcCommunicator.Initialize (Unity.MLAgents.CommunicatorInitParameters initParameters, Unity.MLAgents.UnityRLInitParameters& initParametersOut) [0x0003b] in /Users/userb/Documents/COGS 300/lab5-connectionism-main/Library/PackageCache/
    UnityEngine.Debug:Log (object)
    Unity.MLAgents.RpcCommunicator:Initialize (Unity.MLAgents.CommunicatorInitParameters,Unity.MLAgents.UnityRLInitParameters&) (at Library/PackageCache/
    Unity.MLAgents.Academy:InitializeEnvironment () (at Library/PackageCache/
    Unity.MLAgents.Academy:LazyInitialize () (at Library/PackageCache/
    Unity.MLAgents.Academy:.ctor () (at Library/PackageCache/
    Unity.MLAgents.Academy/<>c:<.cctor>b__83_0 () (at Library/PackageCache/
    System.Lazy`1<Unity.MLAgents.Academy>:get_Value ()
    Unity.MLAgents.Academy:get_Instance () (at Library/PackageCache/
    Unity.MLAgents.DecisionRequester:Awake () (at Library/PackageCache/