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Question Unable to create new project / open exisiting project due to compiler error

Discussion in 'Windows' started by timyoung97, Dec 18, 2021.

  1. timyoung97


    May 17, 2021
    This is kinda weird...
    I was working on my project just fine. Then I went for lunch.
    And when I came back to work and reopened my unity project, it was not able to open properly.

    The editor prompts me to enter into safe mode. I tried, but the error message is empty with only a timestamp.


    For the errors at 15:31:28, I traced down the errors in the editor log which I have no clue on what they mean...

    -----CompilerOutput:-stdout--exitcode: 1--compilationhadfailure: True--outfile: Temp/UnityEngine.TestRunner.dll

    -----CompilerOutput:-stdout--exitcode: 1--compilationhadfailure: True--outfile: Temp/UnityEngine.UI.dll

    This happens when:
    - Even for an entirely empty project
    - Importing an existing project
    - Uninstalling Unity Hub and reinstall
    - Uninstalling Unity Editor and reinstall

    Been trying to fix this error for 2 days now. Couldn't even move on with the project with this issue holding me back.
  2. Tautvydas-Zilys


    Unity Technologies

    Jul 25, 2013
    Hey were you able to resolve this? Looks like for whatever reason the C# compiler is crashing on your machine.