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Assets Ultimate Game Kits

Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by Nixonsworld, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. Nixonsworld


    Jan 17, 2017
    A little introduction:
    Hello! My name is Niklas and i'm from Sweden. I've been programming for about 15 years now, 10 years for a living. I've worked in many different projects like mobile applications, web development, system development and game development.

    In my early days when i started to learn game programming, i made a couple of games and published them to Google Play, please have a look if you are interested. Google play

    Ultimate Game Kits idea:
    I've always loved the classic games on the older consoles, and i thought why not create game kits with my favorite classics games and make game clones of them? And at the same time, these game kits will be perfect starting packs for creating games for beginners. All games will be programmed in the same design pattern, making code cleaner, easier to understand, and faster. There will be playable demo scene for every game. Well documented Scripts that should be easy to understand and follow. 8 bit sounds and sprites will be included. It will be like a complete project/template.

    [RELEASED] Ultimate Game Kit vol.1 Asset Store Link
    Game clones in this pack:
    - Intro Game 2D (not a game clone, it's an introduction game for 2D development)
    - Red Bird (Flappy Bird clone)
    - Super Boy (Super Mario clone)
    - Candyman (Pacman clone)

    [RELEASED] Ultimate Game Kit vol.2 Asset Store Link
    Game clones in this pack:
    - Table Tennis (Pong clone)
    - Cat Invaders (Space Invaders clone)
    - Rabbit Hopper (Frogger clone)
    - Super Blocks (Tetris clone)

    [IN DEVELOPMENT] Ultimate Game Kit vol.3
    There will be game clones from these classic games:
    - Duck Hunt
    - Arkanoid
    - Jeezball
    - Bubble Bobble

    Been working on Arkanoid clone, and this game is now playable.
    Normal bricks takes 1 hit, metal bricks takes 3 hits (defualt) adjustable in editor.
    Existing Powerups so far:
    - Blue powerup, makes player bigger (width)
    - Magneta powerup, makes player smaller (width)
    - Red powerup, makes player able to fire bullets at bricks.

    Screenshot from Arkanoid clone.

    Last edited: Jul 15, 2018