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Bug UI Toolkit visuals not working in additive scene 2023.2.10f

Discussion in 'UI Toolkit' started by PatrykBroda, Feb 28, 2024.

  1. PatrykBroda


    Oct 6, 2020
    Hey, I am upgrading a project to 2023 and the UI toolkit doesn't seem to be working when I have additive scenes being loaded on top of each other. the only time this works is when I have gizmos turned on which is strange I think. However, when I turn each gizmo off in the gizmos tab the ui can still be seen?
  2. SimonDufour


    Unity Technologies

    Jun 30, 2020
    Can you post a few screenshot to help me visualize the result? I understand the missing UI is in the scene being loaded additively (should involve UI Document in the scene) and the result is not visible on the game view? yet when you enable the gizmos on the scene view the UI in the game view appears? Is this when the editor is in play or edit mode?

    I know of a bug where the game UI was not display when opening the editor or after domain reload, but it should be solid in play mode.