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Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by Juandapp, Sep 7, 2021.

  1. Juandapp


    May 11, 2016
    I am using a Unity 2d kit, to study, and I am implementing a few things in my first game, but I see that just copying and pasting some code is not enough. In my demo project, I can generate Nodes for my platform, but not in my new project. Why? THANK YOU!!

    2 images of the interface of the same script document




  2. Kurt-Dekker


    Mar 16, 2013
    Do you cook by dumping the combined contents of your fridge, cupboards and what you find in the kitchen sink into a bowl and baking it at some random temperature for a few hours? No, you generally follow a recipe, either on paper or already in your head.

    Software engineering is a lot like that. It sounds like you probably need to work through a lot of tutorials to get yourself some better grounding in reality.

    Alternately, perhaps you just need guidance in reporting?

    How to report your problem productively in the Unity3D forums:

    How to do tutorials properly:

    Tutorials are a GREAT idea. Tutorials should be used this way:

    Step 1. Follow the tutorial and do every single step of the tutorial 100% precisely the way it is shown. Even the slightest deviation (even a single character!) generally ends in disaster. That's how software engineering works. Every single letter must be spelled, capitalized, punctuated and spaced (or not spaced) properly. Fortunately this is the easiest part to get right. Be a robot. Don't make any mistakes. BE PERFECT IN EVERYTHING YOU DO HERE.

    If you get any errors, learn how to read the error code and fix it. Google is your friend here. Do NOT continue until you fix the error. The error will probably be somewhere near the parenthesis numbers (line and character position) in the file. It is almost CERTAINLY your typo causing the error, so look again and fix it.

    Step 2. Go back and work through every part of the tutorial again, and this time explain it to your doggie. See how I am doing that in my avatar picture? If you have no dog, explain it to your house plant. If you are unable to explain any part of it, STOP. DO NOT PROCEED. Now go learn how that part works. Read the documentation on the functions involved. Go back to the tutorial and try to figure out WHY they did that. This is the part that takes a LOT of time when you are new. It might take days or weeks to work through a single 5-minute tutorial. Stick with it. You will learn.

    Step 2 is the part everybody seems to miss. Without Step 2 you are simply a code-typing monkey and outside of the specific tutorial you did, you will be completely lost.

    Of course, all this presupposes no errors in the tutorial. For certain tutorial makers (like Unity, Brackeys, Imphenzia, Sebastian Lague) this is usually the case. For some other less-well-known content creators, this is less true. Read the comments on the video: did anyone have issues like you did? If there's an error, you will NEVER be the first guy to find it.

    Beyond that, Step 3, 4, 5 and 6 become easy because you already understand!

    Imphenzia / imphenzia - super-basic Unity tutorial:

    Jason Weimann:

    Brackeys super-basic Unity Tutorial series:

    Sebastian Lague Intro to Game Development with Unity and C#:

  3. Juandapp


    May 11, 2016
    I really appreciate your time to indicate to me which is the correct path, however, there is not a single tutorial on youtube (at least I cannot find it and I do not speak English but I try) that explains how to create a node generator button in the inspector interface, which is what I really want.

    So I wanted to reuse the code from the 2d Kit that Unity offers to start.

    No video or tutorial that you have provided indicates how to do it.

    In summary, your time was badly invested, but perhaps it is my fault, I must write in google translator to try to participate in a forum in which many people do not want me to write because they always say (Google is your best friend) please delete the forum then.

    I don't have advanced knowledge, I know, I'm a beginner, but I've already finished a platformer game manually, and now I'm just optimizing and automating things like (create nodes from the interface).

    The advanced ones use the forum for advanced things, but a nerd can tell an advanced one too ... don't use the forum for stupid things, who cannot develop a Fortnite in 3 months. Please use the forum for realistic textures and shaders with the documentation that came out 3 days ago and if you have errors follow the documentation and don't be around in the forum.

    Then the advanced developer will feel stupid because he thinks he does the wrong thing.

    The forum was made for doubts, I suppose that 99% of the doubts are in the manuals and google, then, please turn off the forum.

    His response to me was offensive, maybe I took it that way because I don't speak his language and I have to translate. I just hope a nerdy developer doesn't spit in your face at some point. Because if you were a nerd you wouldn't be on the forum. And if you understood me, don't send people to google again, because one day they will and the forums will then only serve as toilet paper.