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Question UI alpha not rendering correctly in screen space with Shader Graph URP

Discussion in 'UGUI & TextMesh Pro' started by PUKKMAN, Aug 1, 2022.



    Jul 4, 2022

    First of all, I'm a bit of a unity noob.
    Trying to implement a shader into the UI of our game so that we can control some finer aspects of it. When we go with default sprite shader that unity provides, the stuff renders correctly, however we can't control any aspects of the shader this way. Tried implementing a basic material/shader with Sprite Lit/Unlit, texture shows through, but for some reason we cant figure out why the alpha refuses to work. We're using a sliced texture in order to re-use as many assets as possible. The whole reason we really want to do this is to make some kind of per-object glow for menu highlighting etc.

    PS: The button on top uses the shader in the graph window below, the two below it are default sprite shader unity provides. Both render fine in editor but not in game view.

    Any idea what's wrong? Sorry this is probably really basic stuff but can't seem to get my head around it. NewCanvas1.png
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