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uDocumentGenerator - a clean, light, responsive docs website generator

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by Eric2241, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. Eric2241


    Dec 2, 2012
    uDocumentGenerator - a modern, light, and organized documentation generator.

    Checkout the demo website/project docs here

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    From managers, bosses, professors to coworkers, classmates, and exes, we've heard the importance of communication. Now while, poor communication may not have ended your last relationship, poor communication - in the form of documentation - with your code will end your project *insert end this man's whole career meme*.

    Creating accessible, organized, easy to use documentation, whether that be a website or PDF, is simply time consuming. Additionally, current offerings have many drawbacks not limited to poor/antiquated design and poor organization that makes finding what you're looking for a chore. I encountered that first hand when I tried generating documentation for my Open Source Pause Menu, where the documentation generator I used got the information correctly but resulted in a messy generated folder structure and a hard to use/ugly website.

    uDocumentGenerator was born out of the need to innovate on these drawbacks. One of the main goals of the asset is to be plug and play for most classes. Being version 1.0, there are some drawbacks such as not generating for more than one class per file, but those can be easily remedied as the code is encapsulated. It currently deals extremely well with a normally formatted and commented project, meaning that within minutes, you'll have a custom documentation website for your project. At the moment the only things you may want to change code wise are: the title tag in the React app, the social media links, and the logo.

    The other main goal is to generate a website that is easily navigable, modern, and light. The template website created in Reactjs embodies these requirements by acting as a data reading/displayer. It also reads markdowns for all descriptions: variable descriptions, function/method descriptions, and class descriptions. More importantly, the design aims to get extremely navigable by implementing a card based search as the landing page, and the website is mostly responsive. Customization wise, the color scheme is easily modifiable: the default color scheme is very consistent, making it easy to replace, and the syntax highlighting package comes with many themes.

    ALSO! Don't be scared by React. You don't really need to know it to use this. Just basic html/css. In fact, the React app portion of this asset will be open source. That means you could clone the React app, create the generation yourself and use it that way.

    5-7.5 dollars. 7.5 because ideally I want to get 5 dollars to myself per purchase, although you guys are the market, so ultimately you decide the pricing.

    Class view:
    This is the class view, where a tree of the project is shown on the left and the selected class is on the right. Variables and functions are searchable through their respective search bars and names.

    Searching in the tree view by class name is also fully supported

    The getting started panel is a set through markdown.

    The landing page with its card based search. Class descriptions are fully mark down enabled.

    The search filters by class name.

    The editor window is also well integrated into unity and easy to use.