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Question Tying physics to framerate

Discussion in 'Physics' started by evanFroelich, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. evanFroelich


    Apr 8, 2018
    I am trying to train a neural net to throw a ball. it being a physics simulation the bottleneck on my training speed of the neural net is the speed at which the game runs. I would like to tie physics updates to frame rate and remove deltaTime from them so that if i can push out 180 frames a second i could effectively train the game at 3 times speed and go back to a locked 60 fps when i am viewing/demonstrating the net. Unity being a game engine normally what im trying to do is a big no no in games so i get why it might be difficult but is it possible to do? or do i have to abandon the physics/fixedupdate stuff all together and handle all movement code myself in update to tie it to my frame rate?
  2. MelvMay


    Unity Technologies

    May 24, 2013