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Two Curve questions

Discussion in 'Developer Preview Archive' started by JamesMakesGamesLtd, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. JamesMakesGamesLtd


    Aug 22, 2012
    I've got 2 questions, both about curves, but each about different TYPES of curve.

    Type 1: Animation curves.
    In the old animation system we could edit animation curves manually using the Animation window if we first duplicated the anim in question (otherwise it was read only). Will we be able to edit mecanim animations using a similar curve editor in future? Atm you can SORT of do this by dragging mecanim anims into a Legacy Animation Component, browsing to the Animator component of the heirarchy in the Animation window and looking at the curves there. I say SORT of can, because this method is crashy and clearly not intended. You can't do anything other than delete keyframes without getting crashes :) SO, my question is: Will we be getting an animation curve editor for mecanim anims? And if so, will this system still be able to edit the curves of NON mecanim anims (say we're animating a moving platform or something). If we DO get a curve editor, can you please arrange the bones of the animator into logical bone chain groups please! Atm they're just one huge list :)

    Type 2: Additional Curves
    In mecanim you can add extra curves to get information back from anims (I'm already using this to blend the weight of an IK hand target so that a character's pointing gesture actually dynamically points at an object, regardless of the position of that object, Nice!). But these curves are only visible in the FBX, NOT in any duplicated versions of the anims FROM that FBX. Duplicated anims show the Curves dropdown (and the bodymask dropdown), but not any curves you've actually made inside that dropdown. I tend to duplicate animations and store them in a separate folder called Anims in my projects, rather than navigate through FBX hierarchies. This is mostly because I frequently tweak animation curves (hence the first question ;) ) and you can't do that without having duplicate anims. So, the second question is: Why is the Additional Curves dropdown arrow visible in duplcated anims if the Additional Curves themselves aren't viewable/editable there? Any chance we can edit/add curves to duplcated anims, not just the FBX on import? :D
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