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Two Animator Controllers with identic animations - first works, second doesnt

Discussion in 'Animation' started by Bekkk, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Bekkk


    Jul 28, 2012
    I have encountered strange problem with Animator Controllers which I was unable to solve.
    I have versioned model that I made in Blender and it has humanoid rig. Also I have several animations that works with humanoid rig.
    I have created quite complex Animator Controller on the older version of the model. When I import new model and create rig on it (tried both - create from this model/copy from other avatar - the older model) and use this Animator Controller, the model isnt playing the animations - it remains in rest postion.

    -In Animator Controller states are played correctly.
    -If Apply root motion in Animator component is checked, it moves the whole model (moving model acording to root - which I dont want), but its not playing animations.
    -In inspector view of Animator Controller all states are animated correctly(I mean in inspector animation window).
    -I have tried all possible avatars in Animator component.
    -If I try to create another Animator Controller and use same exact animations - the model is animated corectly.
    -I also tried saving the model in blender in different ways (pose position, rest position, object mode, pose mode, rig/model selected etc...) - yes, that desperate I am. .)

    Sure, I could create same exact Animator Controller and use it. But as I said, its quite complex controller and it would take a lot of time. Also as I learned, versioning assets isnt really good practice. I have to change my workflow.

    I believe that it will be some banality, that I overlooked. If not, dont sweat it. I will just rework my animation controller and hope it wont happen again.. .)

  2. medhue


    Aug 24, 2014
    What is likely, is that the animations in the controller are not the same, or have a different rig. Yes, I know you made them, but if you didn't replace the animations, then the original controller won't work. So, when you import your new character, you set up the correct rig, then make any adjustments to the animations, like looping and whatnot. Then, you would go into your Animator Controller, and replace the old animations with the new animations in your character. You don't have to change the Controllers setup, or the states, you just have to redirect those states to the new animations.