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Twitch Plays Conway's Game of Life - Battle Royale Edition (ECS, Burst Compiler and C# Job System)

Discussion in 'Made With Unity' started by BZH314, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. BZH314


    Jul 12, 2017
    Play live on at by entering your commands in the chat.

    Twitch Plays Conway's Game of Life is a multiplayer implementation of Conway's Game of Life.

    If you're familiar with the Game of Life, you can enter your patterns using the !ON command to turn on cells, or the more advanced !RLE command to enter complex Run Length Encoded patterns.

    Examples of chat commands:
    • !on 0,0 -1,-1 0,1 # create a block at the origin
    • !rle bo$2bo$3o 0,0 # creates a glider at the origin
    If you are not familiar with the Game of Life, you will quickly find that turning on a single cell will appear to have no effect, because it will die right away (and you will not see it on screen). You need to turn on several cells at a time to see some patterns forming. The rules are:
    • A cell dies if it has only 2 or less live neighbors (under population)
    • A cell dies if it has 4 or more live neighbors (overpopulation)
    • A cell is born if it has exactly 3 live neighbors (reproduction)
    To learn more, pick some Youtube videos on the BZH314 channel and copy paste the commands in the Twitch chat. There is a Tutorials playlist to get you started too.

    You can play in two modes:
    1. Sandbox: you create anything you want, like in any implementation of the Game of Life. No real competition there. You can learn, try things out, and prepare for battle. Here are some examples of cool patterns to make:
    2. Battle Royale: you create a battle with the !PLAY command. You will still be in sandbox mode for 60 seconds (time for other players to join), and then the battle begins and you want to keep cells alive on the board at all times. Read the rules of the Battle Royale mode for more at The rules are similar to a Fortnite Battle Royale game, with the storm closing in. Here are some videos of battles:
    Twitch Plays Conway's Game of Life is implemented using Unity's Trinity:
    • Entity Component System (ECS)
    • Burst Compiler
    • C# Job System
    Keep in touch:
    Come play at to turn the most famous zero-player game into a Massively Multiplayer Online game!