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TwIRC - Use IRC as the framework for a chat system in Unity

Discussion in 'Assets and Asset Store' started by DarkAkuma, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. DarkAkuma


    Nov 28, 2013

    Asset Store Page

    The IRC protocol is a solid, tried and tested, decades old protocol that's still popular to this day. If you need chat in your project, why reinvent the wheel? Instead go with something that just works!

    TwIRC is a highly customizable, easy to use IRC client package for Unity. With it you can do anything, from using it as the backbone for your MMO's chat system, connecting your players to their stream viewers, or even make a bot for whatever purpose you may have!


    Hello! This is my 4th asset to date, and is something I mostly made a few years ago. There are several similar options now, but I figured that I already put in the work... and perhaps I can make mine stand above the rest. I believe I succeed with that by far exceeding any other similar asset, and as a result my asset is well worth the price!

    This is my first attempt at publishing a non-VR related asset. I have written a half dozen or more IRC clients over the years, for fun, so doing so again for a product seemed up my ally.

    The goal of this asset is simply to allow developoers to have IRC client functionality in Unity. As time went on, that goal alone seemed insufficient, so I decided to change gears and try and make its examples serve as templates or starter kits in their own right. With that in mind the first such template/starter kit is for a MMO style chat system. There are a couple rough spots, and as should be expected you will have to work to properly incorporate this into your project. For example, you wont want every player on your games server joining the same group or guild chats like with the example. Nor will you want them joining such chats immediately upon login.

    I'll welcome feedback to help refine the asset over time! =)

    Future goals atm would be, probably setting up events for all known reply ids/message types instead of just the important common ones. I'll probably make 1-2 more examples/templates/starter kits too. Probably something for mobile, and maybe something more traditional with a NickList. And of course I'll try to flesh out the MMO chat template more as I can.


    Limited Time Offer!!!:

    To get this started I'm giving away 1 free voucher in exchange for a review! First come, first serve!
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2020