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Tutoring, Consulting, Editor Tools, Game Optimization, Frameworks. Assets

Discussion in 'Commercial: Job Seeking' started by ippdev, Apr 9, 2021.

  1. ippdev


    Feb 7, 2010
    Hi folks. I am an advanced generalist and have been using Unity professionally since early 2010. My contract roles are generally Senior Developer/Engineer or CTO as with some of the startups I worked with. I have published many games since 2010 with the first being for iPhone 2. I have also done many non-game projects for museums, concert VH toolsets, robotics and DMX light show control, was the developer of the VIMaec VR viewer for AEC industries which was partnered with Unity in it's first foray into supplying relevant tools for the AEC industries, simulation and learning materials for industry and etcetera.. This is the latest game I have published
    which web page is at

    If you want tutoring in how to leverage Unity's powerful toolset for your particular niche I can set up sessions to get you up to speed quickly with focus on the tools you wish to master. If you need consultancy I have done my fair share of that from buffing out gameplay, devising industry specific toolsets, recommending assets and pipelines, creating narratives showcasing game mechanics, writing industry or SDK specs, documentation etc. & how it can be leveraged beyond initial concepts and integrated into your profession or industry/company's workflow. Art pipelines and settings, lookdev, component based frame dependent architectures, UI/UX refinement and functionality are all within my purview of expertise.

    Here is an example of a suite of editor tools for controlling Playable Directors and Timeline which are jukeboxed to control an animatronics show based on the Attack From Mars Martians.

    - AnimatronicsTutorial EditorWindows
    - SceneTimelineSignalTrackTutorial
    - AnimatronicsRuntimeUITutorial
    - Record Puppeteer Animation Clip Using Timeline Signals
    - Animatronics Timeline Sequencing Workflow

    You can PM me for resume, further details, rates and proposals