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Discussion in 'Animation' started by NickStudiosOFICIAL, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. NickStudiosOFICIAL


    Jun 9, 2017
    i´m soo sick of find problems with Unity Animator specilly with mecanim and animator´s maks, and i know i am NOT the only one!

    If you just try to make a animator controller with diferent layers to make a Aim animations merging staes on bottom and upper parts of a body, you knoew what i mean..

    if not, sure, sit and take a coffe, i will explain:

    when we have this set of layers on animator (you can see an exemple bellow), the impossibility of partial sync between animations can give, us a problem, or a lot of problems with rotation errors on character.



    the state FreeLocomotion is THE SAME STATE on both of layers, CTRL-C/CTRL-V, but trsnlations to the diferent states that don´t exsists on Base Layer, i belive the unsynked time between they causes the rotation errors i mean.

    (Bellow a little exemple using a navMesh Agent with those layer set, i forget it to show but the states when he get the phone is on second Layer, i´ts not a hight one but it´s all i can show for you guys)

    With this, think on a strafe move blendtree Coppied to both of layers, wit all the states attatched to him on BOTH OF LAYERS IDENTICAL, but, the upperBody layer has transitions to ... get a weapon or... take a phone as the exemple, ... there it is!

    on some cases, i see my character wit a soo wrong rotation that looks like he was with broken legs or something...

    Why i don´t try to use Synk options on animator?
    because as i say it, this nulls the diferent states that we need on this cases, using jut the base states.

    Why i don´t use maks on Base layer too?
    belive it, i try EVERY POSSIBLE COMBINATIONS onf layers with diferent maks, but this junt turns more visible the unsynked time and mantains the erros because every unsynked loop exagerate a littlebit more this roations.

    Why i simply don´t use Humanoid?
    i need IKs for some cases, and as i say up there diferent combinations of maks don´t work, soo... you realy think i can try this and put on the risk to make a custom IK for Generic jut because of this?

    if Yes: Men we have the Animation Rigging package now, come on, use it!

    I try it, and as my second layer use´s override mode, so, the riggng auto-forces to zero ALL THE WEGHTS, making it useless for my cases.